Nordhaus & Nordhaus, PC

April Nordhous, Estate Planning And Probate Attorney

When a professional receives as many accolades as Attorney April Nordhaus, that deserves attention. Not only has April received Living Magazine Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Attorney in McKinney and Allen from 2012 to 2019, but called her “one of the premier McKinney estate planning lawyers in the area.” Her clients had this to say.

“April made a difficult subject easy and straightforward. With her help, we successfully created a will and a revocable trust. April was thorough in talking us through it. She explained everything in understandable language with warmth and personality, while still maintaining a high standard of professionalism. ”

“Our will was terribly out of date and no longer provided the legal and financial protection we wanted for ourselves and our children. April spent a significant amount of time discussing our intentions and made numerous recommendations. Under her professional guidance we crafted a complete set of extremely specialized trusts. We recommend her services without reservation.”

Now more than ever, when the future seems so unclear, it’s easy to feel emotional and vulnerable when faced with questions of estate planning and probate. That’s when you need a highly qualified, experienced, and level-headed professional in your corner. Throughout her 16-year law career, April has been recognized for her compassion, integrity, and legal acumen as she cares for the best interest of children and families through the practice of estate planning, probate, and guardianship law. But for April, it’s just about doing what the Lord has called her, and equipped her, to do.

Collin County born and bred, April has made estate planning and probate the cornerstones of her practice, versus a sideline. “With the availability of internet legal services, people get a false sense of how simple their will should be,” April said. “But effective planning goes far beyond the production of documents. A complete estate plan begins with a conversation about a client’s personal goals and wishes, followed by a discussion of pertinent family matters and a detailed estate analysis. So, this is one area where it’s not always wise to DIY.”

Because the cost of a will is sometimes a concern, April offers wills and powers of attorney starting at $175. “People may think, ‘I don’t have a lot of money, so I don’t have an estate,’” April said. “But it can be very expensive not to have a will. There are important things to consider, such as who will handle your child’s inheritance, how to properly give your estate to a beneficiary who struggles with substance abuse issues or to a disabled beneficiary, or how to handle in-laws who may not have your inheriting child’s best interest at heart.”

“It’s also important to do everything we can to preserve the relationships between your children once you’re gone,” April said. “Far better to deal with complicated family dynamics now, than to leave those difficult topics for your children to sort through at a time when they’re grieving. Failing to plan who gets certain family heirlooms, for instance, can lead to damaging family arguments. Good planning now is important to preserve and protect your family’s relationships after you’re gone.”

April is joined in her practice by her husband, Ryan Nordhaus, who specializes in family law. Their knowledge, creativity, and dedication to achieving results for their clients combined with cutting-edge technological resources makes them the best choice for McKinney residents in need of legal advice or courtroom representation.

“God has put me in this role during these uncertain times,” April said. “I focus on keeping Christ at the center of my family, my life, and my practice. When a client leaves my office, I want them to leave knowing I have their best interest at heart, and everything is going to be okay.”


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