Nicole Dopheide

Rasor Insurance

By David Buice

Sometimes opportunity knocks at the most unexpected moment. Just ask Nicole Dopheide, an agent with Rasor Insurance in Celina.

A native of Indiana, Nicole grew up in the insurance industry. Her parents owned an independent insurance agency where she sometimes worked, but despite that youthful exposure to insurance, initially she didn’t follow in her parents’ footsteps. Instead, she worked in the medical field.

After a move to Texas, she realized she was increasingly dissatisfied with her medical-related work and repeatedly asked herself, “What am I passionate about? What do I really want to do?” The answer, a return to her roots – insurance.

After securing her Texas insurance license she stopped by the Rasor Agency in Celina one day to see owner Cleve Rasor, and unexpectedly a new opportunity opened for her.

“Cleve and I immediately hit it off,” she says. “I suddenly felt I was home and that this was the place where I was supposed to be.”

And that’s where she is today, working as an independent agent, building her own business under the Rasor Agency.

“This agency,” she says, “is like a family, and I want to build relationships with my clients. I want them to know I am here for them for the long haul. When they have a problem, I want them to call me first, not the insurance company.”

Summing up, she says, “One of the great things about Rasor is that we’re a full-service agency, and we offer any kind of coverage you could possibly need.”

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