New View Optometry Jennifer Schirner, OD


New View Optometry Jennifer Schirner, OD

New View Optometry
Jennifer Schirner, OD

If you ask Dr. Jennifer Schirner, optometrist and president of New View Optometry, what first drew her to Flower Mound, she’ll say the ice cream. A Wisconsin native, she was thrilled to find a Culver’s in town. The iconic Midwest chain helped ease her nostalgia for her home state. However, it didn’t take Dr. Schirner long to realize that Flower Mound offers so much more than her favorite ice cream. That’s why she and her husband, Dr. Chad A. Schirner, decided to open their practice in the heart of Flower Mound.

“It is so rewarding to be able to help people right in their own neighborhood achieve a better quality of life by taking care of their eyes,” says Dr. Schirner. “Everyone deserves great vision.”

New View Optometry offers routine eye care for the whole family, including eye exams, contact lens fittings, and eyeglasses. The practice also provides a unique myopia control program for kids who suffer from nearsightedness.

“Not many offices offer this. I believe it should be a standard of care,” Dr. Schirner says. “Instead of telling patients their prescription got worse and they need new glasses, we work with them to slow the progression of myopia.”

In addition to testing visual acuity, Dr. Schirner assesses overall eye health though state-of-the-art technology that identifies potential eye problems. “Many of our tests check long-term eye health, so we get a good snapshot of how our patients are doing systemically,” Dr. Schirner says.

In practice for more than 10 years and a mom to two young children, Dr. Schirner knows how to create a friendly and welcoming environment for even the youngest patients. She advises parents to schedule an eye exam for their children before they begin kindergarten—and sooner if they notice any issues.

“So often there are subtle vision problems that get missed at pediatrician checks or school screenings,” says Dr. Schirner. “We want to make sure children are successful when they start school. If they have trouble seeing things, it makes it hard to learn.”

With every patient, Dr. Schirner takes time to listen to their needs and concerns so she can provide the highest quality care. After consistently hearing that her patients dislike air puffs and getting their eyes dilated, Dr. Schirner invested in the newest technology to give her patients a better experience.

New View Optometry uses a retinal camera that allows the doctors to take a picture of the back of patients’ eyes, eliminating the need to be dilated. The practice also uses a handheld device for eye pressure tests. “We don’t have to do the air puff test that makes people jump out of their chair,” says Dr. Schirner.

Unlike optometrists who only offer routine contact lens fittings, Dr. Schirner is trained to fit the most complicated contact lens cases, including for pre-existing eye conditions like keratoconus. “I also fit bifocal contacts and orthokeratology lenses, which are for normal eyes but require additional expertise to fit,” she explains.

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Flower Mound, Texas 75028
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