Nancy L. Rommelmann

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Attorney Nancy Rommelmann won Living Magazine’s Best Of Readers’ Choice award for Family Lawyer in 2020 and has been practicing family law for more than 35 years. She is an experienced litigator and negotiator. It’s important to hire an attorney with the skillset and strength in both of these areas because most courts require mediation before a case goes to trial. Nancy’s years of experience have honed these skills that benefit her clients.

After officing in the Galleria until 2009, she moved to the Memorial area of Houston, across from Memorial City Mall. Clients like the location due to the ease of being close to I-10, avoiding congested traffic, and free parking.

“It’s gratifying to help clients move through the legal process with their family law matters,” Nancy said. She recently received a thank you note from a client that said, in part:

“I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for your work on my case. When I first walked into your office, I was very defeated, down, hopeless, and very discouraged. Yet after meeting with you, I felt so empowered and left your office that day with my head up higher than it had been months. I truly believe finding you was a Godsend. I am sure you know the huge impact you have on people, but please let me be an extra reminder that you have been an absolute angel in this unexpected journey of mine. Of course, your team is unmatched, and the patience and professionalism from your staff speaks volumes. I am very grateful for you and your team. I am able to continue forward with my dignity and with my head held high, and it’s all due to the smooth process you provided for me through such a difficult time. Thank you again! And I know you will continue the great work!”

Nancy has the knowledge and expertise to help clients go through this difficult time in their life. She said, “At the initial consultation, people present to me on a spectrum. Some have emotionally divorced and just need the legal divorce, and some are emotionally devastated and have not digested the reality that they are getting a divorce. I observe their uncertainty as the reality of their family law matter unfolds and proceeds. They ask, ‘How does visitation play out with the children? How much child support do I have to pay? What percentage of the estate am I entitled to? How do I value and divide a business? How do I divide stock options? How can I obtain medical insurance since I’ve been covered under my partner’s insurance? How should I invest my assets because my partner has always handled our investments?’”

“My staff and I work hard and put a lot of thought into how we can best help our clients, all of whom have varying needs and concerns. The relationship I forge with a client is everything.”

Nancy’s office follows the CDC COVID-19 guidelines. She offers both in-person and virtual consultations., the latter of which is not new to her since she represents clients who reside outside of the United States due to their jobs. Much of the work done in developing a client’s case is through emails and telephone calls. 

“The pandemic hasn’t had a significant impact on the interactions with my clients. I’m grateful because working directly with the clients is one of my favorite parts of practicing family law,” she said.

Nancy acknowledged the past year has been quite a challenge for Texas Courts but said, “Change can be met with hesitation or it can be met with excitement and innovation. The Texas Courts have risen to the challenges created by the pandemic by introducing the Zoom platform for dockets and hearings.” 

She continued, “It was a year of learning. We now know we can be productive remotely and use technology efficiently, which is also cost-effective for clients. Legal fees are reduced because attorneys don’t have to attend lengthy docket calls at the courthouse, at times coupled with unforeseen delays due to large dockets, and the time and expense of traveling to/from the courthouse.”

Mediation, collaborative law, and arbitration are all well-suited to be conducted virtually, and Zoom is used  in these settings. These methods of resolving a family law matter can be an efficient and cost-effective method to move your case forward.

Nancy explains that backlogs in Texas District Courts existed due, in part, to more than a 10% increase in civil case filings annually in recent years. Trial judges have worked hard to address the backlog; however, their caseloads remain substantial and are exacerbated by the suspension of jury trials due to Texas Supreme Court COVID-19 mandates.

Nancy suggests that a “Special Judge” (Sec. 151 – Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code) can be your solution to expediting your lawsuit proceedings. A Special Judge has virtually all the powers of the judge of the Court to which your case is assigned, including temporary orders and final judgments. This allows for expedited hearings, trial schedules, and for parties to control of the timing and location of the proceedings. Some Special Judges will work outside of a 9 AM to 5 PM schedule and weekends. While you pay the Special Judge their fee, the attorneys’ time is used more efficiently, and parties can move a case to trial far more expediently than on the Court’s docket, which can save on legal fees in the long run.

“I firmly believe a client-centered family law practice that creates close partnerships between attorney and client is the key to success. I practice family law with each client’s unique needs in mind,” Nancy said.

Nancy is committed to expertly, but compassionately and efficiently, navigating her clients through the legal system in family law cases, including divorce, so they can start to heal and journey on to the next chapter of their lives. She prioritizes educating her clients about the law and the legal process.

Contact Nancy Rommelmann at (713) 622-3000 regarding your family law matter and visit her website for more information.


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