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A Guide To Navigating The Uncertainties Of Divorce, Seeking A New Life, And Embracing Your New Journey

If a divorce is among your New Year’s resolutions, where do you start? Should you talk with a marriage counselor, an experienced family law attorney, or both? I encourage couples to pursue reconciliation with a good marriage counselor if possible. Someone who fits both parties’ needs is ideal, although it may take several sessions or going to several counselors to find an effective counselor for you and your spouse.

Unfortunately, many marriages deteriorate beyond repair due to addiction, infidelity, or one party’s unwillingness to pursue counseling, thus making it all the more difficult to salvage a marriage.

Once you decide to explore your options, consulting an experienced family law attorney is an important first step in obtaining answers to your questions and understanding the divorce process. An attorney should also give you the knowledge and tools you need to craft a plan and help mitigate uncertainty.

During this time, consider the possibility of your new post-divorce life. What opportunities do you see for yourself? Could it relieve stress for your children regardless of their age if you get a divorce? Have they asked you to divorce your spouse? Might there be liberation, joy, new journeys, and new relationships to pursue after a divorce? Are you ready to be set free from a spouse who is controlling (directly or passive-aggressive), dishonest, has affairs, fails to seek meaningful help for their addiction, is demeaning, humiliates you, abuses you (emotionally and/or physically), or hides community assets and debts?

Divorce, Discovery, and Lessons from the Hit Movie “Jerry Maguire”

As you prepare to meet with a family law attorney, think of the timeless dialogue between Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) and Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding, Jr.). It could be a conversation catalyst for your first consultation.

“Show me the money!” – Perhaps a goal of yours is for your attorney to get as much money for you as possible, but your spouse controlled the finances, and you’re unaware of the details of your estate. An attorney can suggest resources to help you gather information. Once a petition for divorce is filed, financial information can be obtained through discovery.

Your attorney can send discovery in the form of Interrogatories — questions asked to the other party which must be responded to under oath, Requests for Production (a document request) and Requests for Disclosure. Your spouse’s employer can be subpoenaed to determine monies in savings and retirement plans, stock options, other assets, and benefits. Other discovery tools can be used, such as Requests for Admissions, Depositions, or Depositions on Written Questions.

The divorce process does not have to be contentious. Mediation (with a mediator who has a law degree) and collaborative law offer more amicable methods for finalizing a divorce.

“Help me help you!” – If you are familiar with your assets and debts, help your attorney and reduce your legal fees by creating a complete inventory. Copy the information source and five years of income tax returns. Include real estate holdings, cryptocurrency statements, and statements from financial institutions, including credit cards, retirement and investment statements, mortgage statements, et cetera.

Typically, do not list “pots and pans,” household items, or furniture unless you have works of art or antiques of great value. Discuss these items with your attorney. They might require an appraisal. Consider a seasoned attorney’s approach, finessing the intricacies of your case with the goal of a good settlement for you, yet being prepared for trial if a settlement can’t be reached and perhaps thinking, “I am out here for you. You don’t know what it’s like to be me out here for you!” – Jerry Maguire

Divorce Survival Guide Tips — Create the Life You’ve Imagined!

You’re in the process of getting divorced. Now what? Allow yourself to create and embrace a brighter, happier life — one you’ve imagined!

1. Re-energize your job skills/career. Take courses if need to sharpen your skills. What do you have a strong interest in, or what job do you have a passion for?

2. Think outside the box when considering new relationships, friendships, and neighborhoods to move to. Reinvent yourself. Try something new that is positive and emotionally healthy for you.

3. Become an obsessive accountant of your finances. Know where every penny goes. Look for online information and free financial counseling to help you with your finances and plan for your financial future.

4. Lean on those you trust and make time to maintain your most important family relationships and friendships.

5. Don’t hold a perpetual self-pity party. Feel your emotions, then move on quickly from the negative ones.

6. You are your children’s most important role model. Be mindful of this in all you do or say, particularly to your ex-spouse in the presence of your children.

7. Broaden your world and experiences and find activities that give you joy and a sense of satisfaction. Try new hobbies. Volunteer for a charity. Reevaluate how you spend your time and don’t allow past routines to restrain you.

8. Maintain certain traditions for the sake of the children, but also purposefully create new ones.

9. Attend worship services regularly, even if you feel like God isn’t being fair.

10. Practice self-care. Eat healthfully and exercise regularly.

When you need a family law attorney, schedule an initial consultation with Nancy Rommelmann. She will help you navigate through the uncertainties of divorce, educate you about the legal process, options available to you to protect yourself and your children and finances, and will discuss the next steps moving forward with your divorce process.

Nancy L. Rommelmann PLLC is a boutique law firm in the Memorial area established in 1985. Nancy is a highly experienced, award-winning attorney focused on family law matters, including complex family law cases involving high-net-worth estates, contested custody cases of children and pets and modifications. She has appeared on local media and been a monthly contributing columnist in several magazines for years covering family law.


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