Nadia Virani, OD

Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers of Texas

By Meredith Knight

Nadia Virani OD, started her career off as an optometrist and steadily earned her way to serving as Vice President of Operations for Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers. The foundation of her career began with the jackpot of mentors she found herself surrounded by. First there was her bother, Faris. I am “me” today because of him,” she said. “Since I was born, I’ve watched and mimicked his every move. Faris taught me to dive in head first.” We always said “Commit your efforts to flying and you will never have time to be afraid of falling!” This is a message I admire deeply to this day, and deliberately pass on to all those seeking advice.  

Nadia also hales from a family that placed an emphasis on the pursuit of medicine and business, a combination that helped Nadia find her perfect career as an optometrist and business woman. 

Nadia learned at a young age the benefit of vision correction and that’s where another mentor entered her life. “With the greatest luck, I had an optometrist who made me fall in love with the field,” she said. “His kindness and technical skills allowed me to see how he positively impacted people with the gift of vision correction. Knowing him helped me gain understanding of this field and how it was the perfect blend of everything I was looking for in a career.” 

Lastly, after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, Nadia was attending the University of Houston College of Optometry when she met Dr. David Kleiman. “I decided to join Kleiman Evangelista Eye Centers at that moment, and three days after walking the stage at graduation, I put on my scrubs and joined the practice I call home today.”

Nadia went from spending her days impacting lives of Kleiman Evangelista patients by caring for them prior to and after ocular surgeries such as Cataract surgery, LASIK, or PRK. “ I also care for patients with glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and various other ocular conditions. … My passion lies in caring for my patients but soon grew to physician education. I’m involved in continue education lectures and pharmaceutical education lectures for physicians.  

Currently in my operations role, my day to day has evolved to impacting patients from a different lens. I have now garnered experience in running a company. Trying to dodge and maneuver a business simultaneously through a pandemic and a historic ice storm is no joke. Thankfully because of the extraordinary efforts of our entire team, we were able to maintain the highest level of patient care through these unexpected challenges.  

Nadia has been involved in medical mission trips since she was a girl. First as a volunteer greeter, and manual laborer, then moving to a technical role, and now as a doctor providing eye care to underserved populations. “As a company, Kleiman Evangelista provides surgical care to impoverished countries including Honduras and Dominican Republic” she said. “We work closely with One World Surgery which provides world-class primary and surgical care with the help of 30k volunteers annually. We feel privileged to establish their ophthalmology services. I am grateful for the opportunity to give back to our world.  


350 East I-20
Arlington, Texas 76018