Multisensory Reading Center


Multisensory Reading Center

As school systems, teachers, and parents scrambled last month to get lessons online, clients of Multisensory Reading Center were relieved that so much of their work was already there. “We began offering online lessons through the Lexercise platform,” said MSRC founder Jen Parra. “The kids loved learning in their own space at home and the parents loved the convenience, so we started to put more services online.”

As a former Special Education teacher and Certified Academic Language Therapist, Jen established MSRC in 2015 to offer dyslexia therapy and tutoring to anyone challenged by dyslexia across the country—and across the world. MSRC clinician Karen Bruton witnessed firsthand what this intervention can do when her own son—like 20 percent of school-age children—struggled to learn to read because of undiagnosed dyslexia. “He was a bright boy who was very verbal, yet unable to read,” she said. “Now he’s working on his 2nd Master of Divinity and his PhD.”

The 17 MSRC clinicians guide families as they discover how their children learn best. “Students come to us feeling defeated, with little confidence in their reading ability,” said clinician Amanda Bush. “In time, they go from feeling broken down and deflated to feeling positive and full of possibilities, with a whole new outlook on school, their capabilities, and themselves.”

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By Meredith Knight

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