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Morrison Investigations, an all-female private investigation firm located in North Texas now offers Personal Protection Services (also known as bodyguard services). Personal protection services are necessary in the private and corporate sector.

When Krissy Morrison started her own investigation company in 2011, she noticed that her male investigators were getting caught or “burned,” as she puts it, more frequently than her female investigators.

She then evaluated the success rates of her male and female investigators, and what she discovered led her to change her business model. Her female investigators were able to stay undetected far more than their male counterparts, leading her to an all-female investigation staff.

Krissy says her company’s success is all thanks to those who may never get public recognition. “My investigators’ faces are never seen in advertisements or magazines because they can’t be, but I want to make clear that they are the ones that make this company tick every day,” Krissy says. Now Morrison Investigations is the go-to investigation firm in our area, and her all-female investigation team is what sets them apart from other local firms

Since recently adding the personal protection services, Morrison Investigations will assess the potential threats and formulate an effective protection plan that is individualized and catered to the client’s needs and profile. All protection services are delivered with discretion and confidentiality.

They protect public officials, executives, and high-profile visitors. Morrison Investigations also provides personal protection services to executives during labor disputes, layoffs, public demonstrations and when traveling.

Morrison Investigations personal protection services offer comprehensive methods to:

  • Identify threats and threatening behavior from third parties.
  • Prevent violence by utilizing technology, passive and active means
  • Isolate potential threats.
  • Amongst their many awards and achievements, Morrison has received the following:

Best of Fort Worth (Private Investigations) 2013-2019

Top 19 (out of 323 reviewed) Investigation Firms in Dallas (Expertise) Investigation Firms in Fort Worth (Thumbtack: 2017-2019)

Who’s Who in Private Investigations 2016-2018 (Society Life)

When discretion is a requirement, Morrison Investigations provides the finest plain clothes and undercover specialists with advanced firearms training and the experience and skills to be effective but not intrusive. Female personal protection – now that is unique!


  • Surveillance (personal and corporate)
  • Personal Protection
  • Worker’s compensation fraud investigations
  • Divorce and child custody
  • Employee investigations
  • Infidelity investigation
  • Pre-trial investigation and recorded interviews/statements

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777 Main Street, Suite 600
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

325 North Paul Street, Suite 3100
Dallas, Texas 75201

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