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There's A New Doctor In Town: Dr. Akash Patel Joins Modern Vascular Fort Worth As Managing Physician
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After a year of successfully treating patients at its new Fort Worth location, Modern Vascular announced its long-term managing physician for the facility, Akash Patel, MD. He will start seeing patients at the Fort Worth clinic in September.

“The team of doctors at Modern Vascular is phenomenal,” said Dr. Patel. “Modern Vascular employs interventional radiologists, interventional cardiologists, and vascular surgeons. The other managing physicians and I have different backgrounds, but we are all working in synergy toward a common goal to prevent amputation for patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD).”

Dr. Patel is a dual fellowship-trained, board-certified vascular and interventional radiologist with extensive experience using minimally invasive technology to treat patients with PAD, venous diseases, fibroids, and other conditions. He previously served as chief of interventional radiology at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He is extensively published in peer-reviewed journals and has presented at national and international conferences.

Dr. Patel is excited about his new position because he is passionate about helping people with PAD. “PAD is a silent killer,” he explains. “Typically, PAD presents in patients as pain when walking, but it can also cause gangrene or a non-healing wound. Many patients don’t get properly diagnosed with PAD and don’t receive the right treatment. Part of Modern Vascular’s mission is to educate our communities about PAD, especially those suffering from diabetes, obesity, or hypertension that put them at greater risk for PAD. We want to increase awareness so we can prevent amputation and improve the quality of life for these patients.”

Once a patient is diagnosed with PAD, a variety of treatment plans is considered. Medical management or an at-home walking program is often recommended. If the patient needs a procedure, it is scheduled at the same clinic. Because the procedures are minimally invasive, patients go home the same day. After procedures, patients return for follow-up examinations and care. “PAD is a chronic disease,” notes Dr. Patel. “We focus on active problems initially, then we follow-up with patients long-term to make sure they are healing and thriving.”

One thing that sets Modern Vascular apart is its commitment to the prevention of amputations. “Many other physicians do not do revascularizations below the knee.” Dr. Patel explains. “When other physicians see claudication and damage below the knee, they often decide to proceed with an amputation instead of exploring treatments options they may not provide. Modern Vascular specializes in below-the-knee — we don’t even do above the knee.”

Dr. Patel explains that Modern Vascular can revascularize the foot all the way to the toe. “It is a complicated procedure, routine for us because we do it every day,” he says. “A lot of other physicians won’t have the capability to do this procedure because they don’t have the experience that comes from repetition. This is what makes us unique.”

Modern Vascular is a national company with 16 centers that specialize in diagnosing and treating PAD. To find out more about PAD, take the simple PAD Risk Assessment Quiz at to see if you have any PAD risk factors or symptoms that qualify you for an assessment at Modern Vascular.


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