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Top Docs 2021 - Trevor Huber, DO Blair Thwaites, MD

By Samantha Gluck

Dr. Trevor Huber and Dr. Blair Thwaites stand ready to meet all of your healthcare needs at Modera Clinic. They take comprehensive primary care to a whole new level, giving patients the compassion they long for and the modern medical treatment they deserve. This practice model emphasizes a whole-person approach to patient care and treatment.

Treating the Whole Person Means Treating the Whole Family

As board-certified family physicians, Drs. Huber and Thwaites have extensive knowledge and experience treating patients of all ages. The ability to truly listen to patients and get to know them as individuals represents a key factor in their success as a practice. In fact, that’s one of the reasons they opened their newest location in Prosper, Texas.

“We saw a desire and need in the community in Prosper and the surrounding area for the type of healthcare we’re dedicated to giving patients,” Dr. Huber explains. He adds, “While we provide the latest in modern medicine, we do this with a traditional, patient-centered focus.”

Patients at Modera Clinic range from infants to people aged 94 and beyond. When Dr. Huber says he’s committed to treating the whole family, he means it. “We encourage patients to come to us first when they have an issue — any issue. By offering same-day appointments and extended hours, we can provide care to our patients before they have to go to an urgent care or a specialist. We can treat the majority of health issues our patients are experiencing,” he says. Have arthritis or joint pain? Diabetes? Skin problems? Weight issues? Dr. Huber and Dr. Thwaites have the experience and skills to manage and improve your situation.

Continuity of Care is the Best Care

By seeing your primary care physician first, you give your doctor the ability to provide you with true continuity of care. This means, he or she has a detailed understanding of the entire timeline of your healthcare story. Not only does this allow for more individualized treatment, but it also reduces costs. Modera Clinic treats all aspects of a patient’s healthcare needs. They are able to personally follow the progress of any complaints and accurately identify if and when it’s time to see a specialist.

“We want patients to think of Modera Clinic as their medical home,” says Dr. Huber, “a place where we know one another personally and as individuals — a place where health and well-being thrive.”

With two locations, one in Little Elm, Texas, and the newest in Prosper, Modera Clinic serves those in the Greater Dallas metro area. If you’re looking for traditional care with the latest in modern medical treatments, make an appointment to visit the clinic and get to know both Dr. Trevor Huber in Little Elm and Dr. Blair Thwaites in Prosper.


2381 East University Drive, Suite 50
Prosper, Texas 75078

2700 East Eldorado Parkway, Suite 104B
Little Elm, Texas 75068

(972) 987-0458

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