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About the Expert

Michelle Shepard has 12 years of aesthetic experience and 26 years of clinical experience. Her expertise is in injectables, including PRP injections and lasers. Her patients seek her skills because she believes in restoring a youthful and healthy appearance without looking overdone. Michelle graduated with her RN from Bryan LGH School of Nursing and her BSN from Nebraska Wesleyan.


How can you make me look younger?

I offer a wide variety of services from skincare to lasers to injectables. While injectables are important in helping you regain a youthful appearance, healthy skin is just as important. Maintenance and consistency are key. We don’t have to do everything at once, and we can work within your budget. You can get far better results with a combination of prescriptive skin care, bioidentical hormones, and lasers to get your skin healthy beyond the skin, in addition to injectables.

How long until these lines go away?

Botox or Dysport work by relaxing the muscles. It’s important to be consistent and receive your treatments every three to four months and deep lines (if you have them) will diminish and go away. Partner with an experienced injector and commit to routine treatments. Injections are like the icing on the cake. They will look so much better if you have an amazing, well-baked cake (healthy skin).

How do I choose the right person to administer my injectables?

It’s important to know who’s doing your injections and how much experience they have. Ideally, you want someone with a medical degree — a registered nurse, physician assistant, or doctor. It’s important to find somebody who has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy. I’ve been a nurse for 26 years and I’ve been doing injectables for nearly half that time. I’ve performed thousands of injections. I also recommend asking for a free consultation and inquiring about their experience with injections. 

What med spa services should I look for?

As our business has grown, we’ve listened to our clients and added the services they’ve requested. In addition to injectables for the face and body, we offer laser hair reduction, photo facials, halo laser resurfacing, hydrafacials, microneedling, scar/stretchmark reduction, dermal fillers, vampire facelifts, CoolSculpting, Emsculpt, cellutone, Emsella for stress incontinence, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, Biote hormone replacement, diVa vaginal rejuvenation, professional make-up services, IV therapy, vitamin injections, and more. As our clients request more services, we’ll do our best to add them as well.

I’ve never done anything like this. Where should I start and what will I pay?

Keep in mind that you do not have to do everything at once. Consultations are free. Let’s sit down and talk about your main concern. I can guide you from there. My best patients come every three to four months and we proceed slowly so they don’t look overdone but refreshed.

You might begin with lasers, prescriptive skin care, or facials to get your skin healthy underneath. Then, we can set up a treatment plan of injectables based on your budget. We always consider your budget upfront and how quickly you want to proceed. That’s why consultations are so important.

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