SD 3-16 Spot MCK_WEB1When was established in 2005, the vision was to establish a one-stop-shop for all your dental needs; a place where everything patients needed—from children’s dentistry to dentures; from simple fillings to full smile makeovers; from Invisalign to surgical implants; from help with snoring and TMJ to Teeth in a Day—could be addressed under one roof. Marvin Berlin, Jeff Lynch, Matthew Markham, Aaron Wood, and their dynamic staff have seen that vision become a reality.

With enough dental hygienists for you to schedule the whole family’s cleanings at once, a motto of Same-Day Dentistry whenever possible, and a “Yes” philosophy that seeks to meet every patient request, each dentist on the team has found a niche and collaborated to make MCKINNEYDENTIST.COM the dental home for hundreds of happy families.

Meet Marvin Berlin

“Although this wasn’t our original goal, we’ve built one of the largest dental offices in North America, but it wouldn’t be possible without our awesome patients and outstanding staff,” Dr. Berlin said. “Our philosophy is simple. When a patient wants something, we say ‘yes.’ Then we figure out how we’ll make it happen. When we discover something in the chair that needs to be done, we do everything in our power to address it right then, that day, rather than schedule a later appointment.”

Dr. Berlin works with patients who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring, both serious issues. “We send patients home with a sleep kit, so they don’t have to be referred to a sleep lab,” he said. “Then we construct a comfortable device that moves their jaw forward to open their airway, so they can breathe as they sleep. No more snoring. I think we’ve saved more marriages with this device than marriage counselors,” he added, laughing.

Dr. Berlin loves creating gorgeous smiles and even teaches cosmetic dentistry and veneer workshops for other dentists across the nation. “We have patients come to us from Galveston, North Carolina, and Shreveport because our veneers look so much like real teeth,” he said. “We use a combination of eight or nine tooth colors to mimic real teeth. We spend a lot of time on temporary veneers and take hundreds of pictures, to assure the patient is 100 percent happy with the end result.”

Meet Jeff Lynch

Dr. Lynch offers Teeth-in-a-Day, surgical implants, bone grafts and a menu of sedation options. “We provide everything our implant patients need, from 3-D CAT scan before the implant to restoration to implants, right here in the place they’ll be returning to for ongoing cleaning and treatment,” Dr. Lynch said.

Whether he’s setting one implant to replace one compromised tooth or replacing an entire set of teeth, Dr. Lynch aims to perform extractions and place implants at the same time, to restore teeth to full chewing power in just one appointment. “Many patients have been told they aren’t candidates for an implant, because they’ve lost too much bone,” he said. “But we can grow bone to make you a candidate and can usually still do it in one appointment. We offer conscious sedation or work with a board-certified anesthesiologist who can put you all the way out for the procedure.”

Meet Aaron Wood

Catering to kids is Dr. Wood’s forte. “I’ve got two boys and two girls at home myself,” he said. “We begin seeing kids at age one or two, just to get them used to sitting in the dentist’s chair. Parents may stay in the room with their child or not. But it’s a good time for a Q and A with the dentist; to talk about diet, brushing, and to check tooth growth and development. By three or four, when they’re ready for a real cleaning, they’re usually so comfortable they jump right up in the chair.”

Dr. Wood also offers Invisalign Clear Tooth Aligners for all qualified candidates. “Some had braces before but didn’t wear their retainer,” he said. “Invisalign can get teeth back into alignment and function without metal brackets and head gear. And aligners can come out for eating or special occasions.”

Matthew Markham, DDS, Marvin Berlin, DDS, Aaron Wood, DDS and Jeff Lynch, DDS

(972) 54-SMILE (76453)

1760 W. Virginia Street, Suite 100 at McKinney Professional Village

(on the corner of Wilson Creek and Virginia Parkway)

Text: Meredith Knight

Photo: AimeeLouise Photography

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