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By Meredith Knight

Dental hygienists nationwide report high satisfaction with their careers. These are people who like meeting and visiting with folks of all ages. They enjoy educating patients and helping make them healthier and better informed about dental hygiene. They enjoy working flexible hours for a healthy work-life balance. Yet, the average dental hygienist stays with a dental practice for five years or less.

Not so at These gals are on the job much longer—many for decades. We wanted to know why. What’s so different about this booming family dental practice that makes job satisfaction is so much higher? We sat down with three hygienists who’ve each been there more than 20 years and dished about job satisfaction and more.


Q: How long have you been at

A: I’ve been here 25 years.

Q: What is it you like so much to stay that long?

A: We’re like one big family. We take trips together and go out to dinner together. There’s always something to celebrate, something to cry about, or something to pray about. And we’re all in it together. They take care of us and make sure we’re okay when things happen like the COVID-19 +shutdown or the recent snow. I actually drive 40 minutes to come to work here, but I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Q: What do you hear from patients about

A: People are impressed that we’re big enough to meet all their dental needs under one roof but still very personable. We know their name, and we care about them. I have many patients I saw as children, watched them grow up and get married, and now they’re bringing their kids to me. Our dentists like to say they have a “yes” philosophy. If our patients want something, we start looking for a way we can give them what they want so they don’t have to go anywhere else. This is their dental home.


Q: How long have you been at

A: I’ve been here for 24 years.

Q: What do you love about being part of this team?

A: We don’t have much turnover, so there’s consistency in the staff. Of course, we’ve added people as we’ve grown, but they quickly become part of the family. I feel like I have my family, and I have my work family. We just kind of like each other. And there’s no drama. It’s fun to come to work.

Q: Tell us about the family care emphasis at

A: This is a multigenerational practice. We start seeing patients as young as three doing happy visits to get the child used to coming to see us. With nine hygienists, it’s easy to book one appointment time and have everybody in the family’s teeth cleaned. We specialize in orthodontic, implants, dentures, root canals, crowns, and complete smile makeovers. We do it all under one roof where they’re already comfortable, and everybody knows them. This makes us unique. We have a very skilled group of dentists willing and able to help with all your dental needs.


Q: How long have you been at

A: I’m the matriarch of the group. I’ve been here 36 years.

Q: I know you feel passionate about periodontal care and getting the word out about how important it is to overall health. Can you tell us about that?

A: I have a sign in my room that reads, “You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mouth.” This might sound simplified, but medical research shows mounting evidence that chronic oral inflammation is a contributing factor in a whole host of diseases, including heart attack and stroke.

Q: How would someone know if this is a problem for them?

A: If you have an infection or inflammation in your mouth, you have elevated inflammation in your body. Around 1.5 million Americans suffer a heart attack or stroke every year, and 800,000 don’t survive the event. It’s the leading cause of death in this country for men and women. Partnering with your dentist and dental hygienist to get on the path to a healthy mouth can take this risk factor out of the equation.

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