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What makes such a unique practice?

In short, the patient is the boss. If our patient wants something, we figure out a way to do it. If you need to be seen today, we do everything we can to make it happen. We’re also here at 7:00 AM on weekdays and Saturdays by appointment, so you don’t have to miss work to see the dentist. And with nine hygienists, we can usually schedule your whole family for teeth cleaning at one time.


What services do you provide?

Our goal is to provide all the dental services our patients need under one roof. This includes general preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry as well as Invisalign, implants, wisdom teeth, and help with snoring and sleep apnea. Each of our dentists has their own unique area of focus allowing them to attain the breadth and depth of training and experience in their area of expertise. From simple fillings to smile makeovers, even full mouth reconstruction, our patients can receive all their dental care at a practice where they already feel comfortable.


What are some of those areas of expertise?

Dr. Jeff Lynch concentrates on dental implants and surgery with a fully dedicated oral surgery and implant center and a board-certified anesthesiologist on staff. He offers Teeth Tomorrow, a full-arch implant bridge for a permanent solution to major dental problems. Virtual consultations are available to help you learn your options if you’re a candidate for this amazing transformation. I concentrate on cosmetic dentistry including porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding, professional teeth whitening, and more. I can upgrade your smile or create a whole new one. A personalized video smile consultation allows you to see what your cosmetic options are. Dr. Anthony Callison offers patients beautiful, healthy, fully functioning smile at any age with Invisalign clear aligners and basic dental orthodontics. Drs. Kero Morkos and Trevor Madden concentrate on general and restorative dentistry and can remove wisdom teeth and perform other oral surgeries. All of our doctors handle dental emergencies on the spot.


Can you tell us more about Teeth Tomorrow?

For patients struggling to eat what they want, or who can’t smile confidently because of missing or damaged teeth, Dr. Lynch offers a full-arch bridge that attaches to dental implants that you never take out. Your new teeth look and act like naturally healthy teeth and gums but don’t attract plaque and won’t chip or break. You brush them like normal teeth and eat and smile with confidence. And a five-year study published in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, showed them to have an over a 99 percent success rate.


What else would you like your patients to know?

Science is finding more and more correlation between periodontal (gum) disease and life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and stroke. The same bacteria that causes inflammation in the gums, enters the body as a person swallows, causing inflammation in the major arteries and veins of the body, including the heart. But this cause-and-effect is avoidable and reversible. We want to partner with you to keep your teeth and gums—and the rest of your body—healthy for a long, vibrant life. Schedule your appointment at 972-54-SMILE.

Dr. Marvin Berlin McKinney

About the Expert


With over 70 years combined experience, The goal is to provide patients with every opportunity to say “Yes” to dental care. With a team of experienced dentists, a modern dental office, and being the exclusive provider of Teeth Tomorrow in the Dallas metro area, they give you every opportunity to love your smile.



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