Mansfield Chiropractic Center, LLC

When he talks about his job, Dr. George Bobbitt’s enthusiasm is palpable. “Most people have no idea how incredible and miraculous the human body really is,” he said. “Since I learned about its inner workings and the good that can be done through healing arts, I’ve had an unceasing desire to help as many people as I can to live longer, be healthier, feel younger, and have the best quality of life possible.”

Dr. Bobbitt’s passion is chiropractic, helping people get well with his knowledge of the spine, muscles, bones, and nervous system, without the use of drugs or surgery. He’s adamant that the right combination of spinal manipulation, physiotherapy, massage, and nutrition will do wonders for anyone.

Dr. Bobbitt says that our spine is like the breaker panel in a house, with each nerve controlling a different part of the body, just as a breaker panel’s switches control different parts of the house. If something goes wrong with a nerve in the spinal column, problems inevitably arise in the part of the body that the nerve controls. While surgeries and medicines can try to control the symptoms of these problems, chiropractic, through spinal decompression and alignment, can address the problem at its root, enabling the body to mend and fix it.

Ever since he dedicated his life to chiropractic, Dr. Bobbitt has also made it his job to educate anyone he can on health and wellness. “I want to one day be an international speaker and inspire others to improve their lives in the many ways chiropractic can help,” he said. “I want to make a global difference, and that has started right here in this area.”

Dr. Bobbitt splits his time over four bustling facilities, Mansfield Chiropractic, Kennedale Chiropractic, Arlington Chiropractic, and Neighborhood Weight Loss Center. He mentors other chiropractors to spread his knowledge and help them accomplish their goals, and he opens his office to Chiropractic and radiography technicians in training to help them complete their internships.

“The body can heal itself if given the best chance to,” Dr. Bobbitt said. “We can all live happier, healthier lives. And chiropractic can help.”

Mansfield Chiropractic Center, LLC
1071 Country Club Drive, Suite 101
Mansfield, Texas 76063
(817) 453-3999

Kennedale Chiropractic
405 W Kennedale Parkway
Kennedale, Texas 76060
(817) 330-3600

Arlington Chiropractic Center, LLC
2401 W. Pioneer Parkway Suite 145
Pantego, Texas 76013
(682) 276-1532

By Meredith Knight

Photo By Derek Gower

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