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What should true physical therapy look like?

Oftentimes, patients come in and think we are just going to put them on machines, and they’re going to do a bunch of exercises as if they were with a personal trainer. Physical therapy is more than this. We focus on movement, mobility, and motivation. And not only are we diagnosing on day one, but we are compassionately assessing and reassessing with each visit to make sure the patient is on the right path to recovery. We have to find out what the symptoms are happening, find the root cause, and then treat that rather than focusing on treating symptoms. Prevention and education are also important, so the same issues don’t keep occurring.


How do I get past the pain?

Research shows that if we are always thinking about and talking about pain, such as where it hurts, when it hurts, and what makes it hurt more, it will take a mental and emotional toll on the body. Our brain will also fall into a cycle of chronic pain, meaning it will still perceive pain even after the injury is resolved. Don’t let the brain control pain. We will ask about pain level at the start of therapy, but the focus should then shift toward improving functional mobility.


How long will it take to feel better and get back to normal?

Our goal is to help patients be the best version of themselves, but they shouldn’t feel discouraged because they’re not totally better after two visits. Sometimes, feeling like your normal self takes longer, especially if you’ve had chronic pain. Restoring function takes time and effort, and many factors play into it, including a person’s age, health, diagnosis, prior surgeries, how active they were pre-injury, and lifestyle. People find us to be different because we are a therapist-owned PT clinic. We aren’t as limited in how we treat patients. Visit our website at m3therapy.com to learn more.


What is the patient’s role in recovery?

A patient’s role in their recovery is just as crucial as ours. If they’re consistent with the home exercise program we provide — and we can tell when someone is or isn’t — they will experience faster and longer-lasting results. The goal of our physical therapy program is to give the patient tools for their toolbox. We get them where they need to be now, and if something happens in the future, they still have access to those tools.


Does physical therapy work for everyone?

Nearly everyone can benefit from physical therapy, provided they can physically participate in each session. If they cannot, either because they are wheelchair-bound or have a significant impairment, another type of facility is more appropriate. Our outpatient physical therapy clinic treats all diagnoses and patients of all ages, including children. There is always room for improvement with the human body, and we can help. 


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About the Expert

M3 Physical Therapy Recharged Performance
Dr Dawn Marie Gray PT, DPT, CAFS

Dawn Marie Gray graduated from Rockhurst University with a Master’s in Physical Therapy and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Texas Tech. She specializes in orthopedic, worker’s compensation and sports-related injuries and is certified in Applied Functional Sciences. She and her husband, Scott, have three boys. Dawn is a former collegiate runner and rower and races autocross.



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