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Life on Fire
Megan Unsworth Life on Fire

Megan Unsworth

Life on Fire

Megan Unsworth Life on Fire

The psychological aspect is crucial. For Megan Unsworth, coaching clients to successful entrepreneurship starts in the mind. As co-owner of Life on Fire with her husband Nick, Unsworth says she helps shift her clients’ mental barriers by getting to the root of what holds them back. Vision refinement, goal setting, and action flow from there.

In Unsworth’s view, the Bible is clear about the blessings of Abraham. After working with thousands of inspiring entrepreneurs, Megan studied and researched the data and found that most people want to be a blessing, yet they do not feel worthy of the blessing. Once people feel worthy of blessings, they can overcome a common scarcity mindset. The blessings of Abraham are meant to flow outward and advance the kingdom of God by sharing their gifts and talents.

By working with Christian entrepreneurs exclusively, Unsworth grows a community with shared values and a shared vocabulary. Her approach finds receptive audiences, and she reads from the Bible for her
coaching sessions.

In the last year, Unsworth says Life on Fire created a new roadmap to help clients become successful published authors, speakers, and coaches. Their 60-day plans plot a course to writing a book, publishing, and becoming Amazon bestselling authors, with the support of community and networks who purchase and review the book. Life on Fire has even laid out plans of action for building a business.


3245 Main Street, Suite 235-165
Frisco, Texas 75034
(214) 216-6353


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