Liz Brassine, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA

Hearing Services of McKinney
Photo by Millhouse Foundation

By Meredith Knight

2020 was a crazy time for everyone. Liz Brassine had to contend with a double whammy—operating a small business during a worldwide pandemic and undergoing cancer treatment. Her first thought was, “How do I go through treatment and still keep audiology services available to my patients?” So, as Liz experienced the side effects of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, she was also innovating ways to keep care consistent, her employees employed, and everybody safe.

“Because many of our patients are in the most vulnerable population, PPE and sterilization protocols are even more important,” Liz said. But Liz was keenly aware that they’re also at risk for becoming isolated, lonely, and depressed if their hearing loss goes unaddressed.

“Additionally, with everyone wearing masks my patients lose the ability to read lips,” she said. “And masks block the high-pitched sounds many of our patients struggle to hear. They’re also contending with trying to wear hearing aids, glasses, and masks simultaneously. This is no time for us to be unavailable to our patients.”

Liz and her team have worked to keep a visit to their office as safe as possible, including more time between appointments for thorough cleaning. “We also have clear masks for easier lip reading and hearing aids with smart technology, so patients can easily adjust for the added challenges COVID-19 has created.”

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