Lisa Landry

Landry Designs

By Meredith Knight

Lisa Landry didn’t so much choose a career in interior design as it chose her. “I was always the kid with the organized, pretty room,” she said. “I loved helping my friends move their furniture around so that everything was more functional and visually balanced. I also enjoyed teaching and actually turned my small closet into my ‘teacher desk’ area. I assigned my younger brother and sister the role of students. I liked creating quizzes for them and grading their papers.” The daughter of a super crafty mom, Lisa learned at a young age what a little Mod Podge or embroidery can create. Meanwhile, her dad modeled entrepreneurial prowess and the organizational skills he’d honed in the military. At school, her teachers inspired her by doing what she considered “the best job in the world”.

Over 20 years ago, Lisa took the examples of all these mentors, combined with her innate love of creating functional, beautiful environments, and opened her own interior design firm. There she could not only utilize her creative talents but teach others to do so. The firm quickly grew, as she added employees and amassed a loyal client base. The Landy Designs team is now working from an 18,000 square-foot studio designing residential and commercial properties across the country.

After many years of designing full-time, Lisa now concentrates on training and managing her large team. “We have been honored with 35 international design awards judged by magazine editors from across the country and our work has been published nationally 28 times,” she said. “We’ve been voted ‘Best Interior Designer’ by Living Magazine readers eight years in a row. I couldn’t be prouder of our team.”

Lisa believes that everyone deserves great design, and Landry Designs works with many budget ranges. They help young professionals, business owners, families buying their first homes (and beyond), luxury homeowners, and even retirees downsizing to their forever homes. “We have no minimum or maximum project size,” she said. “We know that it can be overwhelming spending hours online or running from store to store trying to do it yourself, so we’ve created an easy system to help you create the interiors of your dreams, to get WOW interiors in a quarter of the time it would take to do it yourself. Some people envision working with a designer as a scary process. Our goal is to make it fun and convenient every step of the way, to help you create amazing interiors you’ll enjoy for years to come.”

In her free time, Lisa supports animal sanctuaries such as Oliver and Friends Farm Animal Sanctuary which rescues, rehabilitates, and offers lifelong homes to animals. Also a self-confessed thrill-seeker, she enjoys skydiving, roller coasters, and traveling solo around the world. She loves family time with her son, daughter-in-law, and seven-year-old granddaughter who is an adventurer-in-training.


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