Lighten Up

Top Trends In Interior Lighting


If any feature in your home can make it look drab and outdated, it’s the lighting. However, changing out or adding new fixtures is an easy solution. Current trends offer ideas you can include in a soft home makeover that will make a big difference.

Bigger is Better

While scale remains important, modern trends lean toward fixtures that make a big impact. Beyond lighting, these lights are centerpieces. Use such a fixture in a central area where it can create the maximum effect. Balance it with smaller fixtures around the room for the best results.

Mixed Metals

Mix metals (gold, silver, brass, chrome, etc.) on a single fixture or within a space to create a unique vibe. Pair similar metals — warm hues with other warm hues and cold tones with other cold tones — and combine different textures for a rich effect.

Artisanal Glass

Lighting fixtures made with artisanal glass celebrate the time-honored technique of molding cut-glass into sophisticated shapes and exquisitely transparent forms. One you can expect to see just about anywhere you shop is glass bubbles. Whether they cluster or cascade, glass bubbles bring whimsy and wonderment to any space.

Sconces Any and Everywhere

Wall lamps, which save floor space and create a warm, intimate atmosphere, have made a comeback. They’re showing up in kitchens, highlighting tasks over a sink, or emitting a gentle wash of light in hallways or over a gallery wall. Eliminate the need for wiring by choosing battery-operated sconces.

Mid-century Modern and Art Deco

Both design styles emphasize lights with clean lines, unique designs, and a balance of form and art. Art Deco focuses on sharp lines and cool geometry. Mid-century modern offers natural shapes that integrate function and aesthetics. Look for sleek geometry and daring silhouettes that make an artful presentation.

Smart Lights

Several lighting products in today’s market integrate smart home technology, and light bulbs are one of the easiest ways to dive into it. Smart bulbs can completely transform the way your home looks with features like customizable dimming and programmable colors. You can control them from an app on your phone or by speaking to your voice-activated personal assistant.

LED Lights

More efficient and environmentally friendly, LED lights are easy to find in a wide variety of styles and come in multiple colors, levels of brightness, and shapes. They will save money in the long run, yet the purchase cost is comparatively still quite high, so consider replacing one fixture at a time.

When considering these new options, don’t feel an urgency to make a selection. The best lighting design is the one you’ll love and that works well in your home.

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