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Liberty Dermatology SD 3-16 Prof ROCK_WEBThere are many layers to Dr. Kien Tran and his Liberty Dermatology practice in Rowlett and Rockwall. For Dr. Tran, a dermatologist and dermatopathologist, his experience and knowledge go well beyond his many years in the classroom.

“My father was a general practitioner, and he was a very good doctor. He’s retired now, but he probably influenced me the most,” Dr. Tran recalled of his childhood in Kenner, Louisiana, outside of New Orleans. “He’s a very kind person, and he took care of his patients very well.”

In addition to having a close role model in his life, Dr. Tran became intrigued with skin research and wound healing while in medical school. This fascination with the skin continued throughout his studies for his PhD and later his specialty training at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Dr. Tran’s practice includes caring for general adult and pediatric dermatology patients. He performs skin exams and provides treatment for those with skin cancer, acne, rashes, and the occasional rare cutaneous disorder. He performs skin surgery for malignant skin cancer and benign growths such as cysts. Besides medical treatment of skin problems, he also engages in cosmetic procedures such as Botox and the cosmetic removal of unsightly benign growths.

The Texas sun is always a hot topic in dermatology. Unprotected exposure to the sun can have a significant impact on the skin of adults as well as children.

“Adults need to wear sunscreen and use sun protection of SPF 30 or higher if they are going to be outside for more than 15 minutes. If you’re outside for more than two or three hours, you should reapply,” Dr. Tran advised. “Children should wear hats, use sun protection and, of course, sunscreen. Most of the sun damage that you get is when you’re younger, especially during the teenage or preteen years. Proper use of sunscreen and sun protection is essential.”

Dr. Tran’s patients benefit from his strong upbringing and vast depth of knowledge. However, there is something about Dr. Tran that goes beyond the surface of the skin—his passion for dermatology and the well-being of his patients.

“It’s really amazing. There are so many aspects to dermatology,” he said. “For instance, I can see a rash one day, and be a general medical doctor and treat patients for drug rashes.  At the same time, if the patient has a skin cancer, I can perform surgical procedures, and I’m also trained in dermatopathology. I can read pathology slides and diagnose cancer under the microscope. I can also perform cosmetic procedures. It’s quite interesting. It’s a field in which you can do many things.”

Dr. Tran is a highly regarded skin specialist in the Rowlett and Rockwall communities where he was named a three-time recipient of the Living Magazine’s Reader’s Choice award as Best Dermatologist in Rowlett and Rockwall in 2013, 2014, and 2015. In addition to being a well-respected physician, Dr. Tran continues to make a difference in the classroom, where he is a part-time assistant clinical professor of dermatology residents.

Experience the depth of knowledge of Dr. Kien Tran at Liberty Dermatology.

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Kien T. Tran, MD, PhD

6800 Heritage Parkway, Suite 100

Rockwall, Texas 75087

(972) 475-5300

Text: Bryan Dolgin

Photo: David Thompson

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