Law Firm of Patrick Short


Law Firm of Patrick Short

“When Your Life’s Circumstances Need an Advocate”

Patrick Short’s passion for helping others began early in life. Practically raising himself due to unfortunate family circumstances, he knows what it’s like to fight for what’s just and right. He also understands the importance of having someone on your side to authentically communicate your story to those who can affect your destiny.

“I love helping people and have the ability to explain a client’s life circumstances when it counts—in the courtroom. This, plus my childhood experiences and grit, led me to focus a substantial part of my practice on trying personal injury cases and representing people who are alleged to have violated our criminal laws,” says Patrick.

Patrick began his law career as a prosecutor and Rockwall’s first assistant district attorney in 1985 before he went into private practice. He credits his success to his tenacity, ability to discern what is and is not important in a client’s case, and most importantly, God, who takes care of the fatherless. Today, his reputation as a savvy litigator who provides quality legal representation for people who have suffered personal injury or need criminal defense is obvious when you see him in a courtroom. He is one of a handful of attorneys asked to spend weekends teaching 3L law students the “how to” of trying cases to juries. 

“Everyone deserves a fair trial. There are two sides or more to every story. It’s my job to tell it from my client’s perspective authentically and credibly, so it’s heard and considered fairly by the jury or other decision makers,” Patrick says.

He adds, “It’s a privilege to represent people in our legal system and have the courage to trust a jury when disputes cannot be resolved. Jurors want to do the right thing. They make decisions based on evidence they have been given, or the lack thereof. I strive to make sure the facts and information from my client’s perspective are presented so the jury can make a fully informed decision.”

The law firm you select can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Attorney Matthew Hill works closely with Patrick Short on all personal injury, wrongful death, criminal defense, and select civil litigation cases. He is a graduate of Harvard and Yale University and earned his Juris Doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin School of Law. If you need legal help with a personal injury case or criminal defense case, wrongful death of a family member or friend, or another legal matter in civil court, call the Law Firm of Patrick Short today.

Patrick Short is a Triple Board Certified Attorney

  • One of Six Texas Lawyers Double Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law and Criminal Law
  • Board Certified in Criminal Law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy

“I highly recommend Patrick and his team to anyone needing legal counsel. He is a very compassionate, dedicated, and competent attorney. Having dual certifications and experience gives him the edge other attorneys lack. It was inspirational to see the D.A.’s team members attend the hearings to watch him in action. That to me said it all!” – R.H.



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