Lake House Life

Many families in Michigan share a tradition of spending weekends and vacations in cottages adjacent to the state’s collection of lakes. Higgins Lake is considered one of the most spectacular of the inland lakes, and the empty-nesters who commissioned this cottage wanted to be able to share this resource with their large family and many friends. In order to host plenty of guests, the owners requested a large gathering area for cooking, eating, and relaxing. The living quarters have a large expanse of glass facing the lake, and a deck on the lake-facing side of the house provides beautiful views and extends living space in the warmer months. The central positioning of the large house on a narrow site ensures substantial amounts of light and air can fill every room in the house, which can comfortably accommodate twenty people. Even standard elements such as this staircase feature thoughtful design flourishes, and many of the bedrooms are partially set into the ground to diminish the apparent size of the large house while emphasizing the natural views.

About the Designer: Jeff Jordan Architects LLC is a full service architecture practice focused on design excellence and project execution. Their projects range in scale from modest interior remodels to complex new buildings, and in location from the city to the countryside. Their work is characterized by conceptual innovation, a commitment to sustainability, a strong understanding of the construction process, and attention to detail. Every project is seen as an opportunity to provide dynamic and uplifting responses to the nuances of the site, program, and client.

Project by Jeff Jordan Architects LLC

Photography by Jeff Garland

Courtesy of Jeff Jordan

Located in Roscommon, Michigan