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Lacy Dyer Charles E. Dyer, DDS, MS, PC

Lacy Dyer
Charles E. Dyer, DDS, MS, PC

When you go to the dentist, there’s a whole team of dental specialists involved in making your appointment run smoothly, and 90 percent of them are women—women like Lacy Dyer, who has managed her husband’s practice since 2007.

“Although I had established my own career in the banking industry, my husband and I came to realize that we, together as a team, could successfully expand his practice while he was chair-side treating patients. It’s been a challenge that I have thoroughly enjoyed, and it has been very beneficial to raising our family as well,” Lacy shared.

A dental office can be a complex and dynamic environment and with the demands of a busy practice, where the gold standard of patient care is the rule, having a manager who shares the same vision as the practitioner is paramount. “The comfort and health of each and every one of our patients is very important to both my husband (periodontist and implantologist Charles E. Dyer, IV) and myself,” Lacy shared. “We have a clear understanding of each other’s goals and aspirations. Our mission is to help patients live healthier lives by providing the most comprehensive treatment for their long-term oral health.”

For Lacy, navigating a work/life balance came naturally to the couple. “Dr. Dyer and I have our own personalities, but our similar work styles and positive attitudes help to make it work. We have the same values and we genuinely enjoy working together—all of which helps keep the practice together.” This approach also helps to separate work life from home life,” she said. “We trust each other and are very good at working through problems. We always have the best intentions and a shared passion in making sure that the needs of our patients and staff come first when at work, and that our children come first when at home.”

Lacy shared that one of the main advantages of working with her spouse is being able to share responsibility for ensuring the business remains successful. “Working together has never been a problem. Having separate, distinct responsibilities helps, and good, open communication at all times is essential. Important decisions are made together after we’ve discussed them.” The couple enjoys the flexibility, too. “We both have childcare responsibilities and our kids see much more of me than they would if I had stayed in my corporate career.”

Following Her Dream

Lacy also contributes the successful work/home balance to having a wonderful work family. “I 100 percent trust my team members to handle the office and run things smoothly, which allows me to spend time with my children when I need to.” When not at work, Lacy enjoys time with her children, attending their sports and activities. Her “me” time comes from exercising, gardening, and rescuing animals.

“I work, I ‘mom,’ and I run a dental practice,” she said. “I absolutely love what I do because not only can I fulfill my role here, but I can fulfill my dream of helping people, too. As my parents always told me, when you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. This works for me and is just ‘right’ for my family. I am blessed.”

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