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What makes Kumon successful for so many students?

Our materials are simple and straightforward, yet rigorous in scope. Children master foundations in mathematics, grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension through Kumon study for 15 to 20 minutes per day, five days per week, on average. All new concepts are explained one-on-one to students, and we love seeing their faces light up when they finally understand!

The Kumon program also helps students develop great study habits. By giving short, frequent homework assignments, we ensure they can do their work efficiently and independently. Kumon study develops focus and concentration, as well as teaching time management both at the center and at home. Kumon students are trained to finish what they start in one sitting and correct all errors on their work. We also help them develop test-taking skills and to be proficient at proofreading and checking their work.

Our student to staff ratio is ideal for learning. Overall, the ratio is 2:1, but all new concepts are taught one-on-one, and any student can get one-on-one help at any time if they do not understand their work.


Do your students usually do well in high school and college?

Yes! We have consistently seen our students accomplish great things in high school and college. In the last few years, our students have been accepted at Stanford, Duke, Princeton, Yale, Rice, Cal Tech, and of course, UT Austin.

In 2020, both the Carroll Senior High Valedictorian and Salutatorian were former Kumon students. Colleyville Heritage High School’s 2020 Valedictorian was also a Kumon student. And each year, a substantial portion of National Merit Scholars are my former students.


What do you offer kids who are not struggling at their current level?

Kumon works for all children, whether they’re behind or already ahead, because we allow them to go at their own pace, and we individualize each child’s learning trajectory. Ultimately, our goal is to get our students at least two years ahead of grade level in language arts, and at least three years ahead of grade level in math, if possible. Some students do not quite reach these goals, while others exceed them.


Have you made changes due to COVID-19?

Yes! Zoom sessions are available for new concepts, students having difficulties, and those needing general support. Our centers are over 4,000 square feet, so we have plenty of room for social distancing if students come to class versus picking up materials. All staff members wear masks and have their temperatures taken daily. Students also wear masks, have their temperatures taken upon entering the center, and are directed to use hand sanitizer before entering the classrooms. Desks and chairs are sanitized between students.


What experience do you and your team have?

At Kumon of Southlake, we have a cumulative experience in education of more than 175 years! Our staff includes two PhDs in mathematics, a master’s in mathematics, a master’s in computer science, two master’s in literature, a nursing degree, and three early childhood education specialists. We also have several college students on staff and some high school students to grade the homework. 


Kumon Math and Reading Center of Southlake

About the Expert

Trish Van Buskirk
Kumon Math and Reading Center of Southlake

Trish has been teaching and tutoring for over 40 years. She was the first woman in the math department of a prestigious private college prep school in the Chicago area, teaching honors geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus for seven years. Trish was also a senior editor at McDougal Littell, determining curricula and content in high school math textbooks for five years. She opened Kumon of Southlake in 1998



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