Kos/Danchak Audiology & Hearing Aids

Dr. Melissa Danchak is in the quality-of-life business… specifically, helping people hear the best they can and improving their quality of life business! At any age, hearing loss can interfere with relationships, education, work performance, and when left untreated, is proven to lead to social isolation and depression. More recently, many reports have also shown a direct link to an increase in cognitive decline. Dr. Danchak knows there is a stigma associated with wearing hearing aids. “There is a perception that hearing aids make you look older, or that they are cumbersome and difficult to use. Hearing devices today are smaller and more discreet than ever before. They are also extremely user friendly, and there are rechargeable options that eliminate the need to replace batteries. This makes them easier to use for those with dexterity issues. There is also confusion about what good hearing health care is. We believe that better hearing is an investment, not a transaction. The services that we provide reflect the patient first approach that we take in order to provide good hearing health care. We also participate with most major medical insurance companies and have partnerships with CareCredit and Wells Fargo Health Advantage to provide affordable financing rates.”

At Kos/Danchak Audiology & Hearing Aids, Dr. Danchak and her staff serve those with hearing loss in a caring and comprehensive manner. The patient journey to better hearing begins with a discussion about the hearing challenges someone is facing, followed by a thorough hearing evaluation. A live listening demonstration with hearing devices is then provided. Dr. Danchak’s experience tells her that this process is the best way to help people realize the quality of life improvements they will have by addressing their hearing health care needs.

With the many advancements in hearing device technology, Dr. Danchak is genuinely excited to provide patients with the live listening demonstration experience. “It is always a pleasure to watch as someone hears their loved one clearly from down the hallway for the first time in years or to hear the birds outside. It can be such an emotional experience for the entire family. The range of positive emotions and responses always reminds us of why we do what we do.”

Dr. Danchak and her staff take time getting to know each patient, their family, their lifestyle, their hearing and communication needs. They know that an investment in better hearing is not just about the technology. That is why they provide a Complete Hearing Health Care Program. “This program is the most comprehensive in the North Texas area, and it includes all of the service people need to be successful with their investment in better hearing and with Kos/Danchak Audiology. It also includes free batteries for the lifetime of the devices!” The long-term relationships Kos/Danchak Audiology has forged with their patients and the patient centric approach they take is one reason that they have garnered over 50 five-star reviews on Google, Facebook and HealthyHearing.com. It is also why so many of their satisfied patients refer their friends and family to them each month.

Dr. Danchak began working at KDA in 1997 and she has owned the practice since 2002. “Susanne Kos, the original owner of the practice, was very well respected and trusted by area physicians,” Danchak says. “Those physicians referred patients to her on a monthly basis and continue to refer to us today. This practice has been helping North Texans hear the best they can for over 32 years. Our goal is to live out our mission each day; to walk with our patients along their better-hearing journey, providing them and their loved ones, with a better hearing experience for life.”


101 West Randol Mill Road

Arlington, Texas 76011

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By Meredith Knight

Photography by Derek Gower