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If you’re like many Americans, perhaps you’ve tried just about every pill and fad diet you can think of in attempts to feel better. You’ve seen multiple doctors to help diagnose why you don’t feel as good as you think you should. You’ve gained weight, feel sluggish, and aren’t exercising. Maybe your diet isn’t what it should be. You’ve developed bad habits, aren’t getting enough sleep, have a low libido, and feel worried and anxious. Doctors can’t pinpoint why you don’t feel the way you should, so you keep moving forward: tired, aching, and unsure of why you feel so poorly. You feel like you’ll have to accept that you’ll lose optimal health as you age. You feel like you don’t have any choices.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

At Kingwood Health & Wellness, Robert Morgan, ACNP-BC, MSN, RN, and the team of medical directors, nurse practitioners, and staff work together to properly diagnose the factors contributing to your symptoms, and then treat the causes with bio-identical hormone therapy, weight management tools, and thyroid treatment. By addressing the root causes of your symptoms, Kingwood Health & Wellness does something different—they treat the patient holistically.

“Primary medicine isn’t focused on prevention, just treatment,” says Mr. Morgan. “At Kingwood Health & Wellness, we work together to focus on wellness, optimum health, and what it takes to get you there. Whether it’s weight management, hormone therapy, or lifestyle counseling, we work with patients with the goal of optimal health and optimal wellbeing so that you can be the best you can be.”

Although Mr. Morgan has been called a pioneer in wellness for his approach to bio-identical hormones—which are plant-based hormones rather than synthetic—he shrugs off the compliment. “I want to help others understand that diet and exercise prevent illness, and focus on prevention and healthy living,” he says. “Studies show preventative measures work, so why isn’t this the focus of all physicians?”

What is Optimal Health?

At Kingwood Health & Wellness, the team uses multiple approaches to discover optimal health for each patient. Since everyone’s needs, lifestyles, and diets are unique to them, the treatment must also be tailored to suit each patient.

Mr. Morgan, long-experienced with obesity, diabetes, and thyroid health, has seen multiple patients suffer unnecessarily from the symptoms of poor diet, sleep, hormone function, and thyroid function. Once properly diagnosed, patients can lose the weight and begin an exercise routine, all while they benefit from hormone therapy. “Kingwood is such a health-conscious area. The patients we see here are very knowledgeable about traditional health care, and some even say that they’ve tried every else before coming to Kingwood Health & Wellness,” says Mr. Morgan. “In customary medicine, they look at age-specific blood work. When we were young, our hormones were functioning at their peak. In looking at optimal health, why not seek to achieve levels that are optimal for each person, not for their age range? I don’t talk to patients about where they should be for their age. I say ‘let’s go for optimal health, not age-specific health.’ People want to be free from symptoms, aches and pains. So we work to get them there.”

Wellness, Inside and Out

Obesity can be caused by excessive carbohydrate intake, a hormone imbalance, food allergies, side effects from medications, overeating due to stress, and a lack of exercise. Sometimes it’s a combination of these factors. Trained in weight loss, the team at Kingwood Health & Wellness is prepared to consider all factors for optimal health, and work with patients to get them to optimal health. It’s not just about the number on the scale, it’s about being healthy, both on the inside and on the outside.

Once patients feel better on the inside, it’s only natural for them to want for that health to shine through. “When my patients feel better, and lose weight, and regain normal sleep patterns, they feel more confident. They don’t feel sick anymore. They carry themselves differently, and with more confidence,” shares Mr. Morgan. “Because of those internal changes, they feel better about themselves.”

It was a natural progression, then, for Kingwood Health & Wellness to begin offering cosmetic services for patients. “We want them to look as great as they feel.”

Services include laser skin resurfacing, Botox, dermal fillers for lip and cheek augmentations, and mesotherapy, a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

Meet the Medical Team at Kingwood Health & Wellness

Robert Morgan, ACNP, board certified in acute care and advanced BHRT certified, received his training at the University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston. He received his MS in Nursing in 2002 and has been licensed by the State of Texas as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner since 2003. Mr. Morgan has extensive training in critical care and hormone therapy. His focus of care is on the prevention of devastating diseases such as coronary artery disease, hypertension and diabetes.

“I have the most rewarding job in the world. On a daily basis I have patients tell us we’ve changed their lives,” says Morgan. “Not just through weight loss, but through overall wellness. We’ve seen people transform. We want to help people focus on optimal health, so that they’re living their very best life. We love helping people!”

Dr. Jason Demattia, Medical Director, board certified in family practice, earned his medical degree from N.Y. Medical College in 2001. He completed a family medicine residency at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital in Baytown, Texas, where he received the coveted “Resident Teacher Award.”

Justin Morgan, FNP, is a board certified family nurse practitioner and graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch in 2014 with his MS in Nursing. His background is in the surgical ICU and UTMB trauma units.

Dr. Pablo Amador, board certified in family practice, grew up in Spain and came to the U.S. in 1985. After earning his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Columbia University in New York City, Dr. Amador completed medical school at the University of Guadalajara Medical School in Jalisco, Mexico and New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York.


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