By Bessie David

Depending on how it’s played in the game, the Ace can be a good or a bad card.  When God first called Ace Zepeda out to lead in men’s ministry, it was always part of a winning hand! Ace’s life, before Jesus, consisted of raucous Saturday nights followed by Sunday morning service. 

Worldly pleasures didn’t last, as Ace lived his life with one foot in the church and the other in a lifestyle of pitfalls and misery. Many times, Ace felt God tugging at him and speaking to his conscience. He listened but he didn’t react until God spoke loudly, and often enough, telling him he was made for a purpose. 

At the age of 20, Ace heard the gospel in a way he had never heard before while attending Brazosport Christian Center in the small town of Clute, Texas. Ace realized the need for a change and through different circumstances he was led to open his heart to God. Stepping up his game, Ace took to the streets talking to everyone about Jesus, where his street cred as a gang member prepared him for street evangelism. “God used those difficult circumstances to lead me into a real relationship with Jesus Christ,” exclaims Ace.

Ace would also argue with God when the old way of life would try to creep back in. However, God persisted in leading him to live a life with purpose and to stop walking on middle ground; God on one side and street life on the other. Ace knew the difference between the two for he had already experienced God’s work in his life and did not want to miss out on that again.  Inevitably, God’s unconditional love and persistence prevailed. Ace finally went “all in” and pursued a Christ-centered life filled with God’s love that resulted in the blessing of a wife, Mayra, and three children. “God gave me a wife I didn’t deserve to display the love He had for me even before I ever loved Him,” says Ace.

Each week, Ace Zepeda continues to lead men of various backgrounds as they embark on a lifelong journey to serve God. Men who come to him with stories of living empty lives and yearning for the “winning hand”, share their deepest and darkest secrets with no fear of judgement, only LOVE. Unashamedly, this brotherhood of men who love Jesus and stand by their brothers in Christ as they live life together. Ace has seen firsthand the enormous ripple effect that occurs when a man stands firm in his faith.  

Christian, Kingdom Man, Evangelist, Pastor. I’m a husband to my amazing wife and father to my awesome children! Only JESUS saves, and I’ll spend my life sharing His message to the world!
–Ace Zepeda

These men are world changers. These men are Kingdom Men!

Kingdom Men Rising
Thursday nights- Grace Church Houston, 7 pm

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