Kimberly L. Evans, MD, and Sugar Land Medical Spa’s Focus on Self, Family, and Community Love

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By Melissa Gautier

Closing the door on a year filled with confusion, frustration, and pain brings hope to our hearts that 2021 will be better and brighter. Embracing the phrase “love conquers all,” Dr. Kimberly L. Evans of Sugar Land Medical Spa (SLMS) is sharing an optimistic approach, focusing on love for self, family, and community.

Healing Heart, Mind, and Body in New Locations

A board-certified OB/Gyn with nearly 20 years’ experience in her focused specialty, Dr. Evans is recognized as the “love doctor” for her expertise in resolving sexual dysfunction, as well as guiding her patients to achieve their overall wellness goals. She has devoted her career to leading women and men to be healthier, feel sexier, and live happier.

“My passion for overall wellness, sexual health, and aesthetic treatments has fueled the expansion of my specialty practice, allowing me to help even more patients,” she explains. She founded Sugar Land Medical Spa to provide a broad scope of treatment for sexual health, BioTe hormone balancing, and body aesthetics. She expanded Sugar Land Medical Spa and Salon to provide additional spa services in a restful retreat where clients can enjoy the services of a professional hairstylist, get a pedicure, and relax with a massage all under one roof. 

Love Yourself – Body and Skin Renewal, Feminine and Male Rejuvenation

With impressive options geared toward physical and aesthetic wellness, SLMS offers numerous treatments to reinvigorate both women and men, starting with hormone testing. As a certified BioTE provider, Dr. Evans’ patients feel confident knowing they are receiving treatment from an experienced medical professional.

Hormone balancing is key to increasing stamina, libido, and lean muscle mass. Accurate, in-house lab testing assures verified results that allow Dr. Evans to tailor hormone doses to each patient’s needs. Boosting both self-confidence and physical appearance, aesthetic services include injectable fillers, weight loss, body sculpting, and Botox. Patients trust her treatments based on thousands of successful outcomes and the professional, knowledgeable, and personable support she provides.

Love Your Partner

February is the month of love! Valentine’s Day gives reason to celebrate and appreciate love for others, especially for your significant other. Both you and your partner deserve healthy expressions of love from each other. Dr. Evans and SLMS helps couples find solutions for ultimate sexual well-being. Female rejuvenation includes cosmetic gynecology, sexual health, and incontinence treatments.

Dr. Evans co-authored the book “Hormone Balancing” as a guide to achieving overall health and sexual wellness. Giving the gift of sexual health, hormone balancing, and/or aesthetic services benefits both partners and encourages a favorable start for the new year and beyond. Dr. Evans’ website allows you to explore options in more depth.

Love Your Community

While so many are experiencing hard times, sharing a message of hope, love, and support for one another stimulates healing from 2020’s stressful experiences. To encourage community love, Dr. Evans is offering a 10% discount in February on an aesthetic procedure of your choice when you bring in a bag of canned or boxed food items. “Connecting with others in the community and assisting those struggling to make ends meet allows us to express much-needed love. All items will be donated to the local food pantry,” she says.

  • Surgical and Nonsurgical Interventions
  • Feminine Rejuvenation
  • Male Rejuvenation
  • Cosmetic Gynecology
  • Weight Loss and Body Contouring
  • Noninvasive Aesthetic Treatments
  • BioTE Hormone Balancing
  • Hair Restoration with PRP

Skin Renewal Treatments Include:

  • Peels
  • Injectable Fillers
  • Botox
  • Body Sculpting

The past year has been challenging and heart-breaking as the world endured the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Yet with this many of us found a silver lining. We realize it is more important than ever to take care of one another, our families, and ourselves. Why not recharge with hormone balancing, refresh with a facial or new haircut, and rejuvenate with SLMS medical aesthetic services?


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