Kelly LeBlanc, DDS

How do you find a great dentist? There are so many to choose from, and most claim the same thing-state-of-the-art technology, friendly staff nice office decor, high quality dentistry and dazzling smiles. Just ask patients of Kelly LeBlanc, D.D.S., and they will tell you he’s “the best of the best:’ After your first appointment with Dr. LeBlanc, you will think so too! In practice for 27 years, Dr. LeBlanc is one of the area’s premier cosmetic and general dentists. We recently talked with Dr. LeBlanc about what sets him apart, his approach to patient care and his secret to creating breath-taking smiles.

LM: Patients rave about them and your staff and admit that they even look forward to their appointments. Most people try to avoid going to the dentist. What’s your secret?

Dr. LeBlanc: There’s the quality of the dentistry they receive, but aside from that, the main reason is our personal service. We really do treat patients differently. It’s not just lip service. We give them individualized attention in a comfortable, stress-free environment, and have developed great long-term relationships with our patients because of this.

LM: Can you provide some examples for our readers?

Dr. LeBlanc: Sure! We see One patient at a time instead of trying to juggle several at once: It’s not a cattle call in my office. Each patient gets my individual attention, and I work on the patient myself when they are in the chair. They aren’t handed off to another dentist. We also value our patients’ time. There are no long waits. And, we like to do little things that make our patients feel at home and comfortable.

For instance, we offer beverages and fresh-baked bread every day in the reception area, and there are warm blankets, neck pillows and plasma TV s in every treatment room.

LM: How does your staff make a difference?

Dr. LeBlanc: Our staff is absolutely wonderful. All have been with me for years. Patients get to know them and vice versa. When you come for your appointment there isn’t a new set of faces every time. With all of us, there’s genuine caring and compassion for our patients and it shows.

LM: Have you seen a lot of changes in dentistry since you began practicing?

Dr. LeBlanc: Definitely. We are up-to-date on new technology and materials to continue to provide state-of-the-art dentistry. Patient comfort is also a top priority. For example, we use the Lava Chairside Oral Scanner to make highly accurate, detailed 3-0 digital models for patients needing crowns, implants and bridges. This eliminates the need for messy and uncomfortable impression trays. It’s a big hit with our patients! The scans are emailed to the lab where the crown or bridge is created, speeding up the entire process. Another example is The Wand, a computer-controlled dental injection system that doesn’t even look like a syringe. By guiding the local anesthetic flow rate, it helps make injections virtually pain-free for most patients. 

LM: Your patients love the beautiful smiles you create and can’t say enough good things about their experiences with you. That’s your approach to a smile makeover? I Dr. LeBlanc: I ask patients, if they had a magic wand, what their smile would look like now and in 20 years. I listen and strive +give them what they want, instead of just telling them what they need. Then we revier options, and I develop a comprehensive master plan, instead of a piecemeal approach with additional, surprise fees. 

LM: You’re always giving your patients a reason to smile. What makes you Simile? Dr. LeBlanc: It’s great when patients see their new smiles for the first time. Many look up to 10 years younger, which is an added bonus. We often get hugs and there are tears of joy all around. It’s the-best feeling to know that you’ve helped change someone’s life.

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