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Keener Financial Planning A Team of Leading Women

Keener Financial Planning
A Team of Leading Women

For the past 12 years, the Keener Financial Planning (KFP) team has worked to build a firm that welcomes clients from all walks of life regardless of their asset size, income, or net worth. This unusual approach of providing as-needed advice on a fee-only basis allows clients to count on objective guidance on their full financial situation— from retirement and college planning to investments, insurance, taxes, budgeting, estate planning, and car/home purchases. What you get is a team of dedicated Certified Financial Planner™ professionals helping you make financial decisions that work in your life with your goals.

Lead Advisor Profiles

Jean Keener, CFP®, CRPC, Principal

Jean started in the firm in 2008 as a solo practitioner. She wanted to use her financial expertise and planning abilities to help people deal with the very difficult choices and priorities we all face. Over the years, the team has grown to nine professionals including four lead advisors, all of whom are Certified Financial Planner™ professionals. Jean enjoys cooking, visiting Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives restaurants, and spending time outdoors. Jean and her husband, Mark, are parents to two rambunctious lab mixes, Maya and Tanner.

Rachel Songer, CFP®, Financial Planner

Rachel joined KFP in 2013. She enjoys brainstorming with clients to develop tools and strategies, empowering them to meet their goals while giving a sense of accomplishment. “I love the accessibility of programs KFP provides, allowing you to help anyone at any level, including ‘do-it-yourself’ investors.” Rachel earned her degree in personal financial planning from Texas Tech University and is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. She enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and discovering new recipes to try. She and her husband, Adam, are parents to their endlessly entertaining dog, Boomer.

Patty Priddy, CFP®, CRPC, Financial Planner

Patty joined KFP in 2017. A financial planner since 2015, she previously had more than 20 years of financial and accounting experience, including serving as a business consultant with Arthur Andersen. In addition to earning her MBA from Texas Tech University, Patty is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and holds the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) designation. “KFP aligns with my values of honesty and integrity—always providing recommendations for clients without compensation in mind.” Patty enjoys spending time with her husband, Paul, and extended family, as well as walking, reading, and yoga.

Hannah Szarszewski, CFP®, Financial Planner

Hannah joined KFP in 2018 after serving at two other financial planning firms in the Dallas area. She was awarded Excellence in Financial Education by the Society of Financial Service Professionals, and she provided financial coaching through a volunteer organization that focused on financial counseling and education. She is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional and earned a bachelor’s degree in personal financial planning from Texas Tech University. Hannah enjoys reading, brewing coffee from different parts of the world, and spending time with her husband and beloved dog.

“As a group, we’ve strived to keep our approach consistent so our clients know what to expect,” Hannah explains. “They are able to count on us to deliver the same level of expertise and service when working with any of us.” This cohesive team approach allows them to work collaboratively on clients’ plans and field their questions when their advisor might be on vacation or out of the office.

Service Structure and Fee-Only Compensation

Most financial advisors charge commissions on products they sell to clients. For a client, that can make it difficult to tell if the advice is in your best interest or coming from an underlying motive to sell. KFP receives no referral fees or commissions from any third parties. “Being fee-only allows us to focus exclusively on your best interest and provide objective recommendations to help you achieve your financial goals,” Rachel says. Clients pay fee-only planners directly. This allows KFP’s planners to be true fiduciaries while working with clients on either an as-needed basis or an ongoing financial planning and investment management basis. Because this approach is so unique in the financial planning field, the demand for KFP’s services has grown significantly over the years, enabling them to expand their team while continuing to provide outstanding client service.

Investing and Planning During Uncertain Times

In 2019, KFP served more than 300 clients and advised on roughly $430,000,000. They directly manage approximately $150,000,000. With times as turbulent as they are now, KFP’s advice still stands firm. “We are really focused on allocating a client’s investments based on what works the best in their financial plan and a risk level they can stick with through good times and bad,“ Patty says. Because of this approach, even during challenging economic times, the Keener team is confident with their long-term strategy. They use rigorous testing for potential market downturns during the planning process so clients are assured their plan is on track or can know how much to adjust if needed.

Another hallmark of the KFP approach is low-cost investing. “We’ve been using low-cost index or passive funds from day one,” Jean says. The firm uses a disciplined buy, hold, rebalance approach which takes the guesswork out of investing and allows clients to focus on what they can control.

People have so many financial decisions to make over the course of their lives. Getting quality advice around when to take social security, how to save for retirement, the best way to pay for college, how to start spending your portfolio in retirement, and so many more areas can make a really big difference in someone’s life. “Our motto is ‘Plan to Live Well’. That’s what we want for all of our clients and each person on our team,” Jean says.

“We are so grateful to our clients who have appreciated our quality, objective advice through the years and have entrusted us with their financial futures, and those of their family members and friends,”

Jean says. To learn more about Keener Financial Planning, the team invites you to explore their website. A complimentary consultation with an advisor is offered to better understand your needs and determine if the firm’s a good fit for your situation.


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