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When “America’s Favorite Fisherman,” Jimmy Houston, was diagnosed with cataracts, his doctor sent him to KE Eye Centers of Texas for the LifeStyle Lens procedure. “The care and reception by all the staff was excellent. From the moment we walked in, we knew that Dr. Parker had sent us to the right place.”

Jimmy’s Story

“In the last year, my vision became so poor I had to wear reading glasses to see anything up close, and I couldn’t see very well at a distance either.” Jimmy’s optometrist diagnosed him with cataracts and arranged for him to go to KE Eye Center in Arlington.

“My LifeStyle Lens procedure went smoothly,” he said. “I was so pleased with the care I received and the results have been incredible. They first did the LifeStyle Lens replacement and after, I could read anything…I mean anything. I was grabbing bottles of shampoo in the shower and reading the tiniest print on them, just because I could.”

They also performed laser cataract surgery to help with Jimmy’s distance vision. “Now I can shoot a bow better than ever…shoot a rifle better than ever. My casting has come back to the way it was when I was a kid. They did a remarkable job.”

Expanding Practice

Now with offices in Arlington, Plano, Mount Pleasant, Dallas, and Gun Barrell City, and coming soon to Southlake, KE Eye Centers of Texas employs hand-selected ophthalmological surgeons and staff and offers a full menu of cutting-edge ophthalmological services from routine eye exams to blade-free Lasik, advanced cataract surgery, dysfunctional lens syndrome (over-40 vision) treatment, multi-focal and specialty lenses, comprehensive care for a range of eye diseases, and state-of-the-art refractive surgery as well as a relatively new corneal inlay procedure.

Concierge Care

KE Eye Centers of Texas surgeons and staff take pride in offering patient-centered concierge care. Longtime patients and newcomers alike are treated like family. The doctors and staff take time getting to know each patient, educating them about their many, state-of-the-art treatment options, then partnering with them to choose the best treatment option and lenses for their lifestyle.

Advanced Cataract Treatment

Previously necessitating a lengthy recovery, cataract surgery has progressed to a sophisticated laser procedure requiring only a tiny incision to remove the cataract followed by lens implantation. The LenSx laser and LifeStyle lens which are implanted during cataract surgery are safe and precise. The procedure is pain-free and non-invasive, and recovery time is minimal. In most cases, patients are able to see clearly with these lenses with reduced dependency on—or completely without—glasses or contacts.

Custom Lifestyle Lenses

KE Eye Centers of TX offers a variety of LifeStyle Lens procedures for patients who live active lifestyles and want to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses or bifocals. LifeStyle Lenses allow KE Eye Center doctors to customize each procedure to a patient’s individual vision needs and active lifestyles. So, whether you love to cycle, play tennis, swim or enjoy a good book, there’s a procedure tailor-made for you. For patients with an active lifestyle who also spend time at the computer or enjoy reading, the ReSTOR Lens corrects for multiple distances.

How it Works

The ReSTOR Lens uses “apodized diffractive” technology, which functions like two lenses in one, allowing for near, intermediate, and distance vision correction. In clinical trials, the ReSTOR Lens eliminated the need for corrective eyewear in over 80% of patients who received the implants in both eyes. And 94% of patients involved in the clinical trials reported they’d elect to have the procedure again.

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By Meredith Knight