Karen Williamson, DDS, PA

Profiles in Dentistry 2020

Karen Williamson, DDS, PA

When it comes to learning, Karen Williamson is insatiable. It’s one of the things that attracted her to her chosen career. “Because the profession of dentistry is constantly advancing, there’s always something new for our team to learn and something better we can offer our patients,” she said. “I’m never happier than when I’m learning, practicing, and perfecting a new dental technique or technology. I’m also very grateful for our patients who encourage our growth!”

Dr. Williamson was one of the first in our area to offer the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique, a revolutionary, scalpel-free, suture-free procedure for gum rejuvenation. She has led the industry with laser technology including laser gum treatment, laser treatment for snoring reduction, and laser treatment for cavities without numbing the teeth in many cases.

She has also been one of only a few Bioclear Certified treatment providers for the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex. Bioclear is a type of bonding treatment used to correct gapping between teeth, and restore fractured, broken, or undersized front teeth, in the least invasive way possible. “In dentistry, the goal is always to preserve the natural tooth when possible,” she said. “Tooth enamel is precious. It’s the hardest substance in the body. When tooth enamel is removed, your body has no way to replace it. So, we don’t want to remove it, unless we have to and even then, we want to remove as little as possible.”

“That’s why I’m so excited about the Bioclear technique,” Dr. Williamson said. “It is a great alternative for patients who want to rejuvenate or restore their front teeth but maybe don’t want porcelain veneers, due to more tooth structure having to be removed.” Bioclear technology, invented and patented by Dr. David Clark, uses a clear form placed around the tooth into which restorative material is ” poured” to add to the tooth. “Instead of applying and hardening layer after layer of composite to achieve the desired shape, the composite material is molded around your tooth in one piece adding strength to the restoration,” Dr. Williamson said. “Think of pouring concrete into a mold to form a sidewalk or the foundation of a house- structurally you gain strength, not by layering the concrete.” Dr. Williamson has had this technique used on her own teeth by Dr. Clark because she didn’t want porcelain veneers on her two lower incisors that were chipping. “It’s good to experience treatments I’m offering to my own patients. I can tell them what to expect. I’m very pleased with my Bioclear result,” states Dr. Williamson.


Bioclear technology can be used to:

  • Fix gaps between teeth known as “black triangles”
  • Close a vertical gap between teeth
  • Reshape undersized teeth such as peg laterals
  • Finish orthodontic treatments by enhancing the esthetics
  • Repair severe dental decay while maintaining tooth structure
  • Fix fractured front teeth from accidents and emergencies

Many of the patients being referred to Dr. Williamson for this new technology are adults who’ve just finished wearing braces who need to also correct black triangles- or gaps- at the top of their teeth near the gum tissue. ” Gaps can open up between teeth as the bite is corrected,” she said. These voids can also accumulate plaque, leading to decay and cavities. Most often the complaint is that food particles stick in these black triangle areas, such as broccoli and poppy seeds, and patients are searching for a way to close them without veneers or crowns. Bioclear is a great way to treat these types of situations.

Dr. Williamson has seen marked improvement in the longevity of bonding done using the Bioclear technique, especially in high contact areas in the front of the mouth. We are aiming for less chipping, less staining, and for the bonding to last much longer with any material/ technique that is used. “I am very thankful for the chance to learn Dr. Clark’s system and technique and apply it to my practice,” states Dr. Williamson. “There are many teeth that have been treated with this method that would have needed crowns otherwise.”

“Our patients help us raise money every year for Smiles for Life and Patriot PAWS. So, our patients get gorgeous, white teeth and the chance to help two very worthy causes.”

Making a Difference

Dr. Williamson invites patients and non-patients to whiten their teeth for charity each year. If you have your teeth whitened, your donation goes directly to the non- profit “Smiles for Life”. Half of each donation goes to the nationwide Smiles for Life campaign to help seriously ill, disabled, and underprivileged children. The other half goes to Dr. Williamson’s local charity of choice, Patriot PAWS here in Rockwall.

“Patriot PAWS trains and provides service dogs to disabled American veterans and those with mobile disabilities and post-traumatic stress disorder,” Dr. Williamson said. “Our patients help us raise money every year for Smiles for Life and Patriot PAWS. So, our patients get gorgeous, white teeth and the chance to help two very worthy causes.”

To find out about Bioclear technology and other state-of the-art dental options, visit KarenWilliamsonDDS.com or call (469) 402-0024 to schedule an appointment.




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