Kallal Medical Group SD 3-16 Spot KEL_WEBFor 25 years, Keller families have relied on Kallal Medical Group for comprehensive, patient-centered care with a focus on wellness. “This is a family medical practice with an emphasis on certain areas where I saw a need in my patient base,” explained founding physician Kevin Kallal.

Venefit Varicose Vein Treatment

Over the years, Dr. Kallal has treated many patients suffering from leg pain due to varicose veins. Rather than refer them out, he undertook the additional training required to help them.

“Rather than simply treating spider veins and looking for ways to relieve my patients’ discomfort, I wanted to get at the root of their problem and fix it for them,” Dr. Kallal said. “Patients as young as 20 can experience painful varicose veins, especially if it’s hereditary and they participate in running and jumping sports or have a job that requires them to stand—such as a teacher or nurse—or an office job that requires them to sit at a desk all day.”

“Varicose veins are a result of venous reflux disease and are treated in-office using a technique called radiofrequency ablation,” Dr. Kallal said. This technique minimizes discomfort and takes only an hour. Patients can resume normal activities the very next day. “Varicose veins are progressive,” Dr Kallal added. “If left untreated, symptoms can worsen over time and become quite painful, not to mention unsightly. This simple in-office procedure relieves pain while offering excellent cosmetic outcomes with minimal to no scarring, bruising, or swelling.”

Bioidentical Hormones

“Since beginning my practice in ’91, my goal has been to meet my patients’ needs, whatever they may be,” Dr. Kallal said. “If a patient has a concern or a complaint that’s interfering with their quality of life, I want to provide a compassionate ear and do whatever I can to restore them to optimum health.” Toward that end, Dr. Kallal has also trained in bioidentical hormone replacement, for both men and women. Kallal Medical Group offers a variety of therapies for each.

Hormone Replacement for Men

For men, hormonal decline often happens slowly, starting around age 30. Small dips and then a steady decline in energy level, libido, stamina, and mental function can occur, as well as weight gain. For years, Dr. Kallal and his physician assistant Russell Daily have been helping men get back to feeling like themselves again with customized treatment plans for Low T.

“We begin each man with diagnostic evaluation to rule out problems such as a pituitary tumor,” Dr. Kallal said. “Then, we provide options and make recommendations. We can prescribe topical creams, injections, or small pellet implants placed just under the skin.” Many men prefer injections for a variety of reasons, including the ease of adjusting the dose and less noticeable effects when levels decline between treatments.

“Patients have also reported that injections are much better at relieving the symptoms of Low T than alternative treatments,“ said Russell Daily. “Patients can’t believe how much better they feel and say they wish they hadn’t waited so long to get help.”

Hormone Replacement for Women

Similarly, Kallal Medical Group offers a variety of bioidentical hormone replacement therapies for women, determined by a particular patient’s symptoms and clinical needs. Pellet therapy offers a quick, long-lasting solution to hormone deficiency, lasting three to five months and monitored by blood tests. Hormone levels can be adjusted before each procedure to ensure the best results for each patient.

For patients who prefer a daily routine, topical creams and gels are compounded locally and can be applied to the arms or legs. As with pellets, levels are monitored by blood tests and can be easily adjusted based on a patient’s symptoms. Lastly oral hormone replacement therapy has been around for decades, and while having higher risk than the previously mentioned therapies, it can be a safe and effective option for relieving the symptoms of hormone deficiency in women.

Wellness Care for the Whole Family

When shopping for a primary care physician, you want to find someone who makes the entire family feel comfortable and well cared for; an individual and a staff that will take the time to listen and understand your unique wants and needs and partner with you toward optimum wellness for every member of the family. With years of experience, Dr. Kallal, Russell Daily, and their extraordinary staff offer quality care–with a personalized touch.

Meet Dr. Kallal

Kevin Kallal, MD, obtained his Masters of Science in nutrition at the University of Illinois and his medical degree from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. He performed a residency at the University of Iowa and completed his board certification with the American Board of Family Practice. He opened his private practice in Columbia, Illinois, in 1986 and relocated to Keller in 1991. He remains active in the community, serving as a team physician for KISD, a Scout Master, and a volunteer to provide medical care for refugees of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. When not on the job, Dr. Kallal enjoys fitness, family time, and spending time at the lake. He and his wife serve as associate pastors at their church.

Meet Physician Assistant Russell Daily

Russell D. Daily, PA-C, completed his undergraduate studies at Eastern New Mexico State University and Texas Tech University and his physician assistant studies at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, achieving numerous awards throughout his education. Mr. Daily is a member of the Texas Academy of Physician Assistants and the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Whether you’re scheduling a routine annual checkup; looking for someone to help you manage allergies, diabetes, or chronic pain; seeking gynecological and women’s wellness care; or looking for pediatric care for the kids, this family medical practice can meet all your primary care needs. And with a focus on prevention and wellness, they’ll partner with you and your loved ones to live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

Kallal Medical Group is happy to provide their family of patients:


  • family medicine
  • varicose vein specialist
  • low testosterone treatment
  • bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women[/one_half]
  • weight loss and weight management
  • allergy management
  • pediatric care[/one_half_last]

Kevin Kallal, MD, and Russell D. Daily, PA-C

240 North Rufe Snow Drive

Keller, Texas 76248

(817) 431-0606


Text: Meredith Knight

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