Johanna Chryssikos

Johanna Chryssikos, Artemis Partners Executive Search Firm
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Johanna Chryssikos,

Artemis Partners Executive Search Firm

“I always ask myself, ‘What is the right thing to do? How do we best support our clients?’ This is what I live by,” Johanna says.

Artemis Partners’ President and CEO Johanna Chryssikos has an innate gift for guiding, coaching, leading, and inspiring others. As a high school principal and athletic coach she leveraged the power of relationships built on trust, clear and honest communication, doing the right thing, and her ability to shine a beacon of light on the path forward. In 2015, she used these skills to create Artemis Partners.

A Fork in the Road

Johanna is a creative visionary who looks at the bigger picture, digs into the details, and develops solutions. She takes the reins when she sees something that needs improvement and knows she has the skills to change it. This is how she became an executive recruiter and founder of Artemis Partners.

The late Yogi Berra once said, “If you come to a fork in the road, take it.” Johanna’s fork appeared when she was recruited for a job. Enticed with lofty promises, she left a position she enjoyed and moved to a new job and company full of hopes and dreams. Within two weeks of starting, it all came crashing down.

“I was shocked to learn the department was going to be eliminated,” Johanna confides. “I still had a position in the company, but wondered what broke down in the communication between the company and the recruiter that resulted in overselling the job to me? It became apparent the recruiter didn’t really know what the company needed.”

The Path Forward

A native Houstonian with a Texan “can do!” attitude, Johanna knew what her next step would be. She left the company and founded her own staffing firm. “I’ve always been in the business of people and knew there was a way to be of more value to clients and job candidates,” she says.

She began by researching how corporate executives feel about their experience with recruiters. “No one wants to waste time and resources,” she says. “I reached out to my network and discovered most of the corporate executives I interviewed were unhappy with their experience with recruiters, or apathetic at best.”

Corporate Recruiting Reimagined

Based on her research and personal experience, Johanna put a great deal of thought into what she would do differently to be a valuable go-to resource for her clients. Paying attention to every detail included finding a name that would reflect this value as well as her personal strengths. In an “Aha!” moment, the Greek Goddess Artemis, known for hunting and protection, became an ideal fit. “This is exactly what we do—hunt for our clients and protect their company’s needs and goals,” Johanna says.

New Approach, Happy Clients

Artemis Partners doesn’t measure success by getting a job description, conducting a brief candidate interview, then handing over a selection of resumes to a company to let them sort it out. Instead, Johanna and her team look for a solid, two-way connection between clients and job candidates. This requires upfront diligence.

“We look closely at both the company and candidates. We delve into what the company’s real needs and expectations are, what’s driving them to fill a position, what positions they view themselves needing in the future, and what the company culture is like,” Johanna explains. “On the candidate side, job seekers are given a behavioral assessment and our interviews are candid and in-depth. We’re straightforward about the company’s expectations, work environment, and culture.” Johanna and her team build a meaningful relationship with each candidate, which helps them feel compelled to be honest about what they are looking for.

“It comes down to collaboration and understanding motivations. We’re all human with needs and wants that drive us,” Johanna shares. “When I can directly correlate the needs, wants, plans, and desires of the company with the right candidate, the chance of successful placement is high.”

Proactive About the Future

Just a few months ago companies were closing out a banner year and employees were enjoying job security. No one envisioned that we’d soon be in the middle of a global pandemic. Instead of viewing our current situation as a hurdle, Johanna sees opportunity.

“Companies can take advantage of this time to plan, clarify their needs, and look at candidates now. You can take your time without being rushed to make a decision and can be more selective,” says Johanna.

Artemis Partners also offers their clients flexible payout plans.

Johanna’s message to job candidates is equally sound. “Look for a position you’re interested in for the long run. Sure, you have to balance the need to generate an income with your dreams and desires but rushing into a job you can’t love usually isn’t the best solution. If you can’t find the position you want right now, consider flexible alternatives such as consulting. It’s also a way to make personal connections that may lead to new horizons.”

More About Johanna Chryssikos

Johanna has always focused on the greater good and is a firm believer in giving back. The mother of two teenage daughters, she is active in the community, supports children’s charities, and enjoys mentoring girls and young women. “Girls need leaders and positive role models who will encourage them to be and do anything,” Johanna says. “When I can help someone find their own path and forge ahead, it’s a day I celebrate.”

Positions Artemis Partners Hunts For:

  • C–Level
  • Executives
  • Leadership Roles
  • Directors
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Sales


  • Finance /Accounting
  • Manufacturing / Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Supply Chain
  • Oil and Gas

“The Artemis team found my company one truly amazing and talented SEM professional that has performed beyond our expectations. This was our first experience with Artemis, and I will definitely be calling them again when it’s time to hire up—which will probably be soon! I highly recommend Artemis to any digital agencies looking for top-notch talent.”

– CEO, Marketing Agency, Houston

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Houston, Texas 77057
(713) 828-2627

By Annette Brooks Photos by April Sanchez of Taylor Morgan Photography