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Jeff Duncan has almost 30 years of experience in the roofing industry and has been an owner/operator of Quality Commercial & Residential Roofing, LLC since 2006. He helps explain insurance claims to homeowners and businesses to settle fair claims. He is called upon to consult from other roofing companies and government agencies. Jeff has personally been involved with over 10,000 roof installations.


How do I know if it’s time to replace my roof?

When hail impacts a shingle, it doesn’t always make a spot you can see from the ground. It takes a professional who is trained to find hail damage. When you know you have received hail, it’s a good practice to call a trusted, local roofing company to get a free inspection.

Do I have to get it replaced right away or can I wait until the end of hail season?

Hail makes an impact, and at times, there are punctures that need to be fixed right away. However, in most cases, you can do a temporary repair and wait until the end of hail season to call your insurance. Most policies will say they have six months to call the insurance company after the hail season. Most other roofing companies want to rush people because they’re just out there to make money and don’t listen to their clients. During this busy season of graduation and summer parties, you can usually wait until these activities are over and hail stops falling to act on the roof.

What steps do you take to ensure the safety of my home and my family?

The first line of defense is to hang tarps to cover the A/C unit and flowerbeds. We also cover pools to make sure nails don’t go into the pool. After the job, we use small magnets over flower beds and large rolling magnets over the yard, driveway, and road to pick up nails. We also give every homeowner a two-year warranty. We offer certificates of completion, warranty certificates, and lien waivers to show materials are paid for. Unfortunately, many companies will finance materials, and if a bill is not paid, it becomes a homeowner responsibility. We ensure this never happens.

What about the deductible?

There is a new House Bill (HB2102) in Texas that states that everyone must pay their deductible. It’s illegal for a homeowner to have their deductible paid by a roofing contractor. We offer in-house financing at 0% and other ways to help homeowners without causing them to break the law. If a company offers to waive the deductible, it can affect the money held back by the insurance company. Make sure you choose a company that will help you fully understand before entering into a fraudulent situation. We understand that deductibles are high, which is why we help homeowners with a plan that works best for them.

Will my insurance rates go up?

No. Most “act of God” claims are exempt to rate hikes. However, insurance companies base their rates on profit and loss of a zip code or market. If an insurance company has 100,000 claims, but they still make money in that zip code, they typically won’t raise rates. If they lose money, the rates go up for everybody, whether or not you got your roof replaced.
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