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Dr. Janine Hopkins has practiced dermatology in Monroe, Louisiana, for over 20 years and has recently opened a second clinic in Southlake. As a board-certified dermatologist, she lectures at medical meetings both nationally and internationally on cosmetic dermatology, laser science, and skin cancer treatments. Dr. Hopkins brings her dermatology experience and expertise to her new practice in Southlake.


Skin cancer is a growing problem in the U.S. What treatment options do you offer?

I perform full-body skin exams to detect cancerous lesions. To treat skin cancer, I offer an innovative, non-surgical treatment known as image-guided radiation therapy. It is FDA approved for the treatment of the two most common forms of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Using ultrasound to visualize the depth of the cancer followed by controlled radiation therapy to the skin, these forms of cancers are treated without surgery, pain, or scars with a 99.3% cure rate.

What cosmetic services are provided at Hopkins Dermatology?

For those concerned with the inevitable effects of aging, Hopkins Dermatology offers a unique approach, combining a trio of procedures to produce optimal anti-aging outcomes. I use a combination of procedures that I refer to as the “trinity of anti-aging” that includes laser treatments, fillers, and injectable neuromodulators.

Laser treatments combined with fillers tighten and rejuvenate the skin and restore symmetry to the face, while injectable neuromodulators (think Botox) reduce expression lines that have accumulated over time. To ease patient anxiety, I offer the option of using nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for relaxed and painless treatments.

At Hopkins Dermatology, do you treat children and adults for medical dermatology?

Yes. I diagnose and treat numerous skin diseases in both children and adults. I am assisted by Pooja Shaw, PA-C, my board-certified physician assistant. Pooja specializes in treating a variety of common skin conditions, including acne, warts, rosacea, psoriasis, vitiligo, as well as providing adolescent and adult skin care. Many of our patients come in for laser treatments for rosacea, acne, and acne scars. We also offer treatment with XTRAC, a painless laser treatment for vitiligo and psoriasis.

Could you explain body sculpting, and what does it accomplish?

Body sculpting or contouring is part of an aesthetic approach in dermatology that focuses on areas of excess fat, loose skin, and other issues that compromise your body’s appearance. Using the Fontana SP Dynamis laser system, we can help both male and female patients achieve their desired body sculpting results without surgery or downtime. This procedure is commonly done to contour and tighten the neck, arms, abdomen, and thighs.

What is the benefit of the skincare products offered at the clinic?

I offer a wide range of medical-grade skincare products to improve the health and appearance of the skin and maximize the effects of the procedures such as the Geneo facials performed at the clinic. These skincare products include my own curated RX: collection that contain key anti-aging and skin rejuvenation ingredients. I also have a variety of sunscreens which I recommend for my patients to wear daily to protect their skin from UV damage. Helping my patients have healthy skin and rejuvenating their skin from past sun damage is an important part of my practice at Hopkins Dermatology. 

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