Ivy Kids

Your Children's Home Away From Home: Ivy Kids of Cypress Creek Lakes Locally Owned And Operated, Women-Led


Parents today seek far more than basic daycare for their infant, preschool, and pre-kindergarten-aged children. You want your kids to learn, explore, and flourish both as individuals and together in a safe, stimulating, nurturing, and fun environment. Women-owned and lead Ivy Kids of Cypress Creek Lakes has offered this and so much more since opening in 2017. One tour of this clean, well-designed, uplifting center filled with laughter, positivity, and smiling faces, and you’ll know you’ve finally found a home away from home for your children.

Distinctive, Holistic Approach

Ivy Kids of Cypress Creek Lakes’ holistic approach to early childhood learning is born from the exclusive IvyPrep multiple intelligence-based curriculum and owner Anila Rahim’s love of children and passion for education. In addition to promoting academic excellence through the Ivy Kids active learning methodology, she and her team offer opportunities for kids to view themselves, their community, and the world from a broader perspective.

“We have an amazingly gifted, all-female staff that inspires kids to not only want to learn and have fun doing so but also to become emotionally strong, well-rounded people who contribute to the greater good. We develop activities that help instill a sense of kindness, empathy, community, and introspection within them,” says Anila, the hands-on owner and mother of two who attended the London School of Economics and received a master’s degree in NGO management. Anila adds, “In addition to our innovative IvyPrep curriculum, kids practice yoga and meditation when they’re with us, which help them become more self-aware and develop a stronger sense of emotional well-being,” Anila adds.

Smaller Groups, Personalized Learning

Ivy Kids’ small group focus in clean, organized classrooms enables teachers and staff to assess how each child is doing academically and help ensure their individual needs are met.

“We all learn differently,” explains Anila. “Our small groups and active, multiple-intelligence approach to cognitive and academic skills accommodate different ways of learning.”

The program reflects Dr. Howard Gardner’s eight multiple intelligences — kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, naturalistic, linguistic, and musical — and applies this philosophy to cater to the strengths of all their students.

Enrichment Stimulates the Mind, Accelerates Development, Encourages Interaction and Engagement

The innovative enrichment program is designed to help build cognitive, language, motor, social, and academic skills and foster creativity and group participation. Kids spend 30 to 45 minutes daily in a variety of age-appropriate enrichment classes throughout the week, including music and movement, Spanish, educational technology, coding and robotics, yoga, meditation, and gardening.

Family-Oriented, Parental Involvement

Parents play a major role at Ivy Kids of Cypress Creek Lakes. Anila and her talented team foster an open, communicative environment that emphasizes transparency, earns trust, and builds bonds with parents.

“We encourage parents to participate with their children in school events and community-oriented experiences,” Anila explains. “Plus, they can view classroom activities through our secure web cameras throughout the day, and our app facilitates parent-teacher-staff communication. Through the app, parents receive updates about their children’s daily activities and accomplishments and can communicate directly with teachers.”

Giving Young Children a Fresh Start in the New Year

Ivy Kids is a “home away from home” for children that provides high-quality preschool education and loving care. Call now or visit their website and schedule a tour today.

Innovative, research-based IvyPrep curriculum:

Exceptional, loving, and nurturing team and staff.

BrainBites nutrition program:

Chef-made meals from scratch with fresh, whole foods, healthy snacks.

Spacious, organized, age-appropriate classrooms, Safety and security:

Private web cameras, monitors, gates, auto-lock access doors.

Areas, toys, and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Parent portal and app, SMARTboards, Science lab, Robust enrichment program, Playgrounds.

Open 6 AM to 6:30 PM Weekdays

Comprehensive Programs For Ages Six Weeks to Five Years

  • Infant
  • Toddler
  • Two-year-old
  • Preschool
  • Pre-Kindergarten
  • Before and after school care for kids up to 12 years of age is also available. It includes transportation to/from nearby public schools, activities, and homework assistance.


Ivy Kids of Barker Cypress
8100 Barker Cypress Road
Cypress, Texas 77433
(281) 859-0099

Ivy Kids of Cypress Creek Lakes
20627 Cypress Plaza Parkway
Cypress, Texas 77433
(832) 732-1156