IVFMD of Arlington, Irving, and Grapevine

Sy Le, MD, Beverly Reed, MD, and Renju Raj, MD

It was only to help his sister that Sy Le took a college physiology class. “I just did it to tutor her,” he said, “But I fell in love with the way the human body works. It’s so perfect and has evolved over time.” So, he embarked upon medical school where he had a hard time choosing a specialty. “I loved surgery,” he said. “But I also loved pediatrics and psychology. Then I realized gynecology would combine all the things I love: surgery, counseling with patients, and bringing babies into the world.”

Dr. Le went to work as a general OB-GYN and loved it. “It was intellectually stimulating,” he said. “There was always something new to learn. I adored the relationships with the patients. And I felt like God’s instrument bringing life into the world.”

But something began to nag at Dr. Le. “I met more and more couples who weren’t able to conceive,” he said. “I felt limited in my ability to help them. I was very blessed to have chosen the right field, but my training didn’t equip me to help these couples, so desperate for a child.” So, he decided to go back to school for two additional years and become a fertility specialist.

Drs. Beverly Reed and Renju Raj have similar stories of successful OB-GYN practices but frustration at their inability to help couples struggling with infertility. Now as specialists in reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI), they work with men and women helping them realize the dream of parenthood.

Dr. Reed specializes in performing successful tubal ligation reversal procedures. Dr. Raj has a special interest in working with patients who’ve had multiple miscarriages in the past, helping them conceive and sustain a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Le specializes in all aspects of IVF with a focus on patient-customized protocols to help women with low egg reserves.

Together Drs. Le, Raj, and Reed are committed to making REI affordable for patients for whom infertility services aren’t covered on their insurance. “Our mission is to find the most cost-effective way to help the patients who need us;” Dr. Reed said, “to make fertility treatment accessible to more couples.”

“We’re very candid about our pricing,” Dr. Raj said. “It’s all spelled out on our website. We’re told our affordable infertility treatment is the best kept secret in DFW, but we want more couples to know that IVF is affordable.”

“Our goal is to provide the highest-quality reproductive medical services to our patients while using the most cost-effective pathway,” Dr. Le said.

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By Meredith Knight