Iron City Gym in Cypress

Every Fitness Level Welcome

As a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, Melanie Way was living the dream of millions of little girls. But she’s not going to say it was easy. “I learned so many life lessons precisely because it wasn’t easy,” Melanie said. “When I was out there working and sweating and giving my all only to be told I was doing everything wrong, I learned never to give up, to take it on the chin, and just keep working.” Those lessons in tenacity served her well as she lived out another dream—motherhood.

Becoming a mother at 27 then again at 30, Melanie threw herself into motherhood 100%. “I let being a mom become my complete identity to the detriment of my marriage and my individuality,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong. I adored every minute with my kids, and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything, but I became only a mom—nothing else. It was all-consuming and any dreams or aspirations I had were put on the back shelf.” After Melanie’s marriage dissolved, she returned to teaching dance and began to find herself again.

Fast forward to today. Melanie’s happily remarried with a third precious child, a thriving small business, Iron City Gym, and preparing for her first body building competition. “Things have really turned around for the better,” she said. “It was wonderful being home with my babies and I admire anyone who does this, but I needed more. I love that my kids are seeing me have a family—and a life—now. It’s truly the best of both worlds. The gym is like a second family. It’s a gym for everybody. Whether you’re a body builder or training for a triathlon or you’re just trying to lose your baby fat, this is a community where everybody helps everybody.”

Melanie admits that in the past, Iron City was a bit of a boys’ warehouse and although it’s still a hardcore gym for professional bodybuilders, it’s also evolving and expanding. “We acquired 2,500 square feet next door. We’re expanding the indoor space, doubling the outdoor space, and adding Zumba and yoga classes,” she said.

Melanie is stoked about teaching booty camps and classes to help members focus on their problem areas. “Members are encouraged to take any equipment outside they want, and they really seem to love it,” Melanie said. “They can take weights and kettle bells, slam balls and bands, and powerlifting bars outside with them. There’s more space out there for lunges and there are lots of days in Houston when it feels great to do your workout outside.”

Iron City Gym is open 24/7 with members using their own key-less entry receiver to access the equipment any time of night or day. “But there’s such a supportive community here during regular hours,” she said. “The music is turned up. The vibe is busy. And it feels good to be part of a thriving fitness family.”

Melanie and her husband, Brian, hear from members all the time who felt lost in the shuffle at a big corporate-owned gym. They carefully crafted their soon-to-be 8,500-square-foot gym to be a judgment-free zone. Whether you’re a veteran gym rat or you’re just finding your way around the equipment, their hand-selected staff is here to help—no intimidation or judgement. You’ll find equipment at Iron City you won’t find at those big-box gyms, and don’t be surprised if you still see some serious bodybuilders.

Whether you’re enjoying your workout indoors, alfresco, or spending time in the private cardio room, you can choose the membership that works for you, from single or double memberships, weekend warrior memberships, or one or two-week passes. Brian is a proud American veteran and happy to offer military discounts to his fellow veterans as well as student membership discounts.

If this sounds like the workout community you’ve been searching for, find out more at Mention this story when you sign up by the end of February 2021 and your registration fee will be waived.


15922 Cypress North Houston Road, Suite 200
Cypress, Texas 77429
(281) 213-2851