Jeremy Shelby

When Jeremy Shelby submerged himself and his camera in a swimming pool, to photograph members of the Fort Worth opera, it was a marriage of two of his passions: scuba diving and photography. That type of union is nothing new for this Nacogdoches native who began his study of photography snapping shots of local bands, his own and others.


Jeremy first explored photography just out of high school as he played around with an old Nikon of his dad’s. “I had no training or experience, but people seemed very interested in the images that were coming out of that camera,” he said. Next came college and a career as a booking agent for Fry Street Fair. “I started snapping shots of different band members, hanging out backstage while they were performing.”

It didn’t take long for Jeremy (and others) to realize he had a gift. “I had to bankroll my photography degree at University of North Texas and get my career off the ground on my own,” he said. “So I started as a fashion photographer’s assistant.” It was a convenient career, because it left him plenty of time to perform with his band at night. And it was soon clear that fashion was a natural fit for Jeremy. His eye for the innovative quickly set him apart in his field, and his images revealed a natural rapport between photographer and model that can’t be faked.

Now, out on his own with Jeremy Shelby Photography, he spends his days working with high-profile corporate clients, including the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and is quickly making a name for himself in the world of fashion photography, both here and aboard. A gallery of his work at includes inspired underwater shots plus fashion photography and nature photography captured all over the globe. An upcoming exhibit at the Waas Gallery at 2722 Logan Street in Dallas February 8 through March 1will feature Jeremy’s latest work. He can be reached at 214-673-0109 or

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