Houston Internal Medicine Associates, PA

Lakshmi K. Reddy, MD


A new patient visited Dr. Reddy at Houston Internal Medicine Associates, the other day. As the two women chatted and got to know each other, the patient discussed the chronic headaches and other issues that have plagued her for years. She said, “Wow, I haven’t even told my family about this.” It just felt natural to lay it all out for Dr. Reddy. Before she left, she asked, “May I give you a hug?” and the two women embraced.

That might seem like an unusual first encounter for a doctor and patient. Surprisingly, it isn’t. Once patients meet this soft-spoken, highly relatable internist and receive her undivided attention, many of them realize they’ve arrived at their “medical home”. Within the walls of Houston Internal Medicine, they’ve found a space dedicated to their physical and mental wellbeing and found a doctor who immediately feels like an old friend.

“My older sister is a gastroenterologist, so I had a wonderful role model,” Dr. Reddy said. “One of the first things she told me was to give my patients time because taking care of them is the most important thing. She said, ‘Don’t look at your practice as a business but a place where your patients get your time and attention.’ I wouldn’t recommend a treatment, medication, or lifestyle change to them I wouldn’t take myself.”

The Internet is teeming with positive reviews from patients who are eternally grateful for the quality of care they’re receiving at Houston Internal Medicine Associates. “There are two areas I’m passionate about— secondary prevention and lifetime modifications,” Dr. Reddy said. “When a new patient comes to see me, we talk about their diet, exercise, sleep patterns, and stress. There are two things we can’t change—genetics and advanced aging. What we can change is how you take care of yourself. If you already have a condition such as diabetes, our goal is to manage your condition so it doesn’t lead to heart problems, kidney conditions, blindness, dementia, or a stroke. If you don’t already have a condition, let’s make the changes we need, so you never do.”

Dr. Reddy doesn’t preach to her patients but partners with them. “We’re on this road together,” she said. “We’re a team with my patient driving the healthcare and my staff and me there to support them. When they have a success, they did it, not us. Let’s all get healthier together. Let’s motivate each other and celebrate successes together.” Patients always come first for Dr. Reddy and her staff. “My office is my second home and my patients are my blessing.”

When not on the job, Dr. Reddy is all about family. “I’ve been working in medicine, since I was 18, so my patients are very much my family,” she said. “When not working, I spend a lot of time with family, my husband, daughter, son, and Max, our dog. I enjoy being creative in the kitchen, love nature, music, and traveling and just being with them.”


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