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Horizon Eye Care & Optical is a distinctive eye care practice with a highly-skilled team led by two experienced optometrists. Husband and wife duo Dr. Alireza Somji and Dr. Sana Somji offer a unique blend of vision services, technology, and products that truly set them apart.

In addition to providing  routine vision and medical eye exams, Horizon Eye Care & Optical offers highly specialized care in myopia management, custom contact lenses, binocular vision evaluation and training, and a new sports vision performance center. Sophisticated cameras, eye trackers, and laser scanning instruments enhance the quality of care for patients ages four and up. The practice also has a modern eyewear gallery with a selection of independent and designer eyewear, digital free-form lenses, and an on-site lab for quick turnaround.

Meet Dr. Alireza Somji

Dr. Somji is passionate about clinical care, maintaining a high level of trust with patients, and always pushing the boundaries to give them not only their best vision but their best-performing vision. His areas of expertise are sports performance vision, concussion vision therapy, specialty contact lens fittings (hybrid and scleral lenses), keratoconus, myopia management, binocular vision training, and medical eye care (diabetic eye care, glaucoma, and dry eye). Dr. Somji also enjoys teaching and serves as an adjunct clinical instructor with the University of Houston College of Optometry.

Meet Dr. Sana Somji

Known as Dr. Sana in the office, she is passionate about providing patients with options in myopia management and refractive surgery. Dr. Sana specializes in well-vision eye care, myopia management with orthokeratology and soft treatment lenses, contact lenses, and LASIK pre- and-postoperative care. Dr. Sana brings a wealth of surgical co-management experience from her work with a prominent refractive surgeon in the Houston area.

Performance Vision Training

Dr. Somji is passionate about sports and performance. Last year Horizon Eye Care & Optical introduced a new service, 20/20 Athlete, that is dedicated to improving visual performance and making clients see quicker, react faster, and perform better.

“Having played competitively growing up, and then practicing in eye care for many years, I now recognize that often the difference between a good and great athlete is not how much stronger or faster they are, or how much more they want to win. It’s their ability to use their vision to gain a competitive advantage,” he explains. “If we think that good vision is strictly being able to look at an eye chart and read the 20/20 line with glasses or contacts, then we’re looking at this all wrong.”

Vision starts in the brain. In the performance vision center, programs and drills train your brain to improve hand-eye coordination, reaction time, memory, dynamic vision, and many other skills. Dr. Somji works with clients of all ages who participate in sports and esports (gamers)and is currently working with an Olympian. Dr. Somji is also part of the medical team for the Sugar Land Skeeters minor league baseball team. Not just for sports enthusiasts, performance vision training keeps you sharp and can help promote good cognitive health as you age.

Binocular Vision

“Think of vision as the flow of information to the brain. If you don’t have both eyes working efficiently together, something’s going to be off,” Dr. Somji explains. Symptoms of binocular vision disorders include blurry vision, headaches, losing your place or falling asleep when reading, learning disabilities in children, and others. “Our binocular vision systems are being stressed, and more patients are presenting with very good vision on the eye chart, but very poor visual performance.” Using eye-tracking equipment to measure eye muscle movements and reading performance, many children and patients have benefitted from binocular vision training.   

Myopia Management

Myopia (nearsightedness) is a condition usually starting in childhood resulting in the need for glasses to see clearly at a distance. “In children with progressing myopia, the eyeball can stretch, making it prone to retinal complications.” Dr. Somji tries to slow the progression with orthokeratology (ortho-k) — custom lenses worn at night to reshape the eyes. The lenses are removed in the morning, resulting in good, clear vision throughout the day. Dr. Sana and Dr. Somji have been using ortho-k successfully for the past eight years. They also manage myopia with soft treatment lenses and specially-compounded eye drops.

Dry Eye Syndrome

This aggravating syndrome is characterized by burning, itching, red eyes, and the constant feeling of debris inside the eye. Dr. Sana and Dr. Somji both specialize in dry eye treatment. “Instead of relying on an over-the-counter drop, I like to find the root cause of the dryness,” Dr. Sana explains. Treatment options include punctal plugs, prescription-strength eye drops, special amniotic membrane biological lenses, and BlephEx. BlephEx is a painless, 10-minute in-office treatment offering significant relief for patients by removing inflammatory material on the eyelids.

Eyewear Gallery

The modern eyewear gallery makes selecting eyewear easy. The philosophy at Horizon Eye Care & Optical is simple. They offer the best products they would purchase themselves with high quality frames and lenses and use the latest technology to custom measure and fit each client in the best optics available in their prescription.

The eye care team at Horizon Eye Care & Optical values integrity and excellence in their field. Dr. Somji and Dr. Sana are dedicated to delivering quality eye care and making each patient’s experience enjoyable.

“Our entire philosophy is based on our values system,” Dr. Somji says. Continuing education and team-building exercises keep them ahead of the curve to ensure patients receive the personalized service and quality of care they deserve.


15920 Lexington Boulevard
Sugar Land, Texas 77479
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