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My kitchen and bath need an update, but I have no idea where to begin. How do you help me?

We begin by identifying what speaks to both the style and function of the space you wish to makeover. We narrow down what inspires and excites you. In addition to books and magazines, there are many online resources that provide endless possibilities of style and color combinations. Houzz and Pinterest are two favorites and a great place to start. For many, the actual touch and feel of a cabinet or countertop is important. Visiting showrooms to get that experience is the next step, and ours is the largest kitchen and bathroom design showroom in the Katy area, with a vast array of options to see and touch and imagine in your own home.

What brands and quality control do you use?

We use materials of the highest quality available to suit every budget, from top brand names to lesser known brands. Every customer has an array of options to choose from. Most of our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty, on top of our own five-year labor warranty.

What are the steps to designing my kitchen or bath remodel, and how long should I expect the remodel to take? 

There are plenty of projects that are perfect for the DIY crowd, however, when it comes to critical spaces such as a kitchen or bathroom, it is best to seek a trusted professional. Select a company that has a minimum of ten years of experience, who can provide design ideas and put them in a visual format. It is best to visit a showroom and make an appointment to have an in-home or virtual consultation. Once you select a company, an average-sized kitchen or bathroom remodel takes about five to seven weeks, assuming there are no delays with materials or any unforeseen situations.

What technologies and processes do you use to envision my new space?

We utilize software that visually renders your new space. It is a critical tool in helping you see the end-result of your selections. Visiting showrooms that have kiosk setups of spaces that you can see, touch, and feel provide a true sense of what your end result will look like.

Are there package options to help me stay within my budget?

Yes, we have budget-minded, turn-key ABC packages to choose from, with a large selection of competitively priced products and services.

What precautions are you taking regarding safety in the COVID-19 environment? 

We provide the same excellent level of service with extra precautions, consistent cleaning of commonly used areas, and hand sanitizer conveniently stationed across multiple locations within our showroom. We are masked, and we provide masks for any customer who is without to keep our customers and staff alike safe. With more people staying home more often, there has never been a better time to upgrade your spaces, and love where you live.


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Home Makeover Expo is a full-service interior design and remodeling company serving Katy, TX, and surrounding areas. Family owned and operated since 2007, Home Makeover Expo strives to exceed our clients’ expectations with our simplified design process and hands-on approach. Specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we create one-of-a-kind environments tailored to our clients’ unique taste and specific needs.


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