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Why an Outdoor Living Space Can Transform Your Life





In addition to providing relief from hot Texas summers, what other benefits does having your own pool offer?

Since people are largely stuck at home now, the idea of having a pool and an outdoor living space is more attractive than ever. We’re busier than we’ve ever been due to this phenomenon. I think many homeowners who may have entertained an abstract thought here and there about adding a pool and an outdoor gathering space now see it as a way to enhance family and social life. 

What sets Hobert Pools & Spas apart from other pool builders?

For one, longevity. We’re family-owned and have been in business since 1975. This long business history affords us the important advantage of financial stability. We’re not going away, and our service area is huge, encompassing the greater Dallas metro area. Additionally, we know our contractors well. In fact, we’ve worked with many of the same contractors for over 30 years. This relationship means they give us priority, so your build has fewer delays due to contractor overbooking.


What’s the process for getting started on the design and construction of a custom pool and any additional options?

Call our office and we’ll set up an appointment for one of our sales team members to visit your home in person. He or she will assess the size of your yard and take measurements. After that, the fun part begins. You’ll sit down together and discuss your design ideas and specific needs for the space. You’ll discuss various plaster finishes available, whether you want natural stone, ceramic tile, glass tile, a water feature, and other custom options.

At that point, the salesperson returns to the office and loads this into 3D software, which presents a close rendering of the design. You’ll meet at the office to review the rendering and can make changes on-the-spot in real time. Once the design is settled, you’ll get a final price, making you one step closer to your backyard transformation.

What warranties do you offer on materials, structural integrity, equipment?

We provide a structural guarantee on the shell of the pool. Our equipment and materials vendors all offer warranties on their products as well. You can find more details about this by visiting our website HobertPools.com.

How can a homeowner know if a given pool builder is reliable?

A custom pool design and construction company should be very responsive to potential clients who call to inquire about services. No matter how busy things get, someone should engage with you as soon as possible and arrange to meet for a free in-home consultation. With smaller companies, this may not be possible because they have fewer staff and resources to handle current demand. Slow response to client calls is a bad sign. Next, make sure the company is willing to design what you want and honor your personal vision for your pool and outdoor living space. A salesperson who tries to push you into a design or options you don’t want, or is working to please himself or achieve some goal other than your complete satisfaction, is a red flag.


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Hobert Pools & Spas

Christine has worked in the custom pool and spa industry since 1999, but, since Hobert Pools & Spas is owned by her family, you could say she grew up in the business. She understands the latest trends in pool design and knows which new materials are the hottest. Her deep knowledge of the industry makes her the go-to person when you need questions answered


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