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Do you build pools year-round and has COVID-19 affected your business in any way?

Summer is our busiest time of year, but our mild winters allow us to build year-round. Rain, at any time of year, can cause a delay, but we pick right back up afterward. We’re busier than ever this year because people are cooped up at home and want a beautiful outdoor living space with a pool. How busy are we? Take the busiest summer we’ve had pre-COVID and multiply that by five.

COVID-19 has disrupted some supply chains and that’s the negative part. Many manufacturers are in California and sometimes it takes longer than normal to receive necessary products. I’m always right up front with clients when I know there will be a delay because of the supply chain.

What water purification technologies work best for eliminating pathogens?

We use a three-pronged approach to water purification consisting of a Zodiac Nature2 Fusion inground and a Paramount Clear 03 ozonator. The Nature2 Fusion inground houses a chlorine tab dispenser and a mineral pack made up of copper and silver. The Clear 03 uses a UV bulb to generate ozone which is then injected into the water. All three of these oxidation methods work slightly differently but complement one another well to keep your pool sparkling clean and clear with the least amount of chlorine. Relatively new to the market, there’s also a high-intensity UV light system that was typically only used for public pools — since you can’t control who swims there — that kills any pathogen imaginable, even those chlorine can’t eliminate. This Ultra UV system has recently been made in sizes available for private pool owners and many are now selecting this option as well.

What are some of the hottest trends in custom pools?

There’s a definite trend toward clean, geometric lines for custom pools today. People want a modern, symmetrical look that is both simple and elegant. We’re very good at building all designs, but most people want a contemporary, modern look. In fact, 90 percent of our recent builds have clean, sleek designs.

Are most clients just wanting a pool added, or do they desire a full-on outdoor living space?

The vast majority opt for a design that includes a fully equipped outdoor living space. Many ask for a permanent patio cover or a pergola that includes an outdoor kitchen, wood-burning fireplace, maybe a gas fire-pit, and a bathroom for guests. Others envision a separate pool cabana complete with the full kitchen, sleeping quarters, and bathroom. The idea of an extension of the indoor living space has been greatly amplified by COVID-19. People have been stuck at home and their priorities have changed. They realize that they enjoy spending more time with family and want to make their home a happy, comfortable place that accommodates this lifestyle.

What does custom pool construction mean to you, regarding your business philosophy?

The foundation of our business rests on our philosophy of being honest and upfront with our customers, giving them exactly what they want, and using a hands-on approach. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality outcome. Some of the trade workers we use have been with us for over 17 years. Honestly, we may cost a little more than others, but customers come to us anyway because they have heard about our commitment to quality design and construction.


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