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Heritage Eye Center SD 3-16 Prof MCK_WEBA cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. It is brought on by aging or eye injury. The lens becomes cloudy, preventing light from passing clearly to the retina. Some describe it as similar to looking through frosted glass.

Cataracts can develop in one or both eyes. A patient with cataracts will eventually find it hard to read or drive a car—especially at night. As cataracts develop very slowly, most people don’t know they have them at first. However, the clouding progresses and vision will gradually get worse. Eventually the vision impairment affects the patient’s ability to carry out everyday tasks. At this point, surgery is typically recommended, which can be a good thing.

Cataract surgery is one of the most common, safest, and most effective operations performed in the United States, and about 90 percent of patients enjoy better vision afterward. So much better, in fact, that folks who’ve worn glasses for years often find they no longer need them. The cataract specialists at Heritage Eye Center, Drs. Rudolf Churner and Sanjay Patel, have performed thousands of successful cataract surgeries and have recently invested in new, next-generation laser technology to make cataract correction even more precise and bladeless.

Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

Just as you have options when it comes to choosing the lens you receive during cataract surgery, you also have the option of choosing the technology that’s used to perform the procedure. Now the choice between traditional cataract surgery or with the assistance of laser technology is available at Heritage Eye Center. Drs. Churner and Patel are excited to bring Laser Cataract Surgery to Heritage Surgery Center in McKinney. Their precision-based LenSx Laser operates with unmatched accuracy and computer control, helping to customize the procedure to your eye. The benefits of the laser surgery are numerous. Having the laser assist in performing cataract surgery makes it more precise. Using measurements taken by OCT (optical coherence tomography), the surgeon uses the laser to treat astigmatism at the time of surgery. Less astigmatism means less likelihood of the patient needing glasses.

As with traditional cataract surgery, the procedure is performed at the Heritage Surgery Center. Laser-assisted cataract surgery helps make the recovery faster, the procedure more accurate, and the outcomes better than ever before.

Premier Team of Specialists

Drs. Churner and Patel are joined at Heritage Eye Center by ophthalmologists James Norbury, sub-specialists Drs. Grant Gilliland, Henry Choi and Santosh Patel, and Optometric Glaucoma Specialist Dr. Joseph Constable. This exemplary team is now accepting new patients.

You may have cataracts if you experience:

  • cloudy or blurry vision
  • faded colors
  • glare
  • headlights, lamps, or sunlight appearing too bright
  • a halo around lights
  • poor night vision
  • multiple images in one eye
  • frequent prescription changes in eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • Note: These symptoms also can be a sign of other eye problems.

Rudolf Churner, MD, Sanjay Patel, MD, James Norbury, Jr., MD, Grant Gilliland, MD, Santosh Patel, MD, Henry Choi, MD, and Joseph M. Constable, OD

1501 Redbud Boulevard

McKinney, Texas

(972) 548-0771

400 N. Allen Drive, Suite 108

Allen, Texas

(972) 727-7477


Text: Meredith Knight

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