Hearing Services of McKinney


Tears of joy aren’t uncommon at Hearing Services of McKinney. “Hearing loss is such a gradual thing that most people don’t realize how much they’ve lost until we show them what they’re supposed to be hearing,” said Audiologist Cassandra Wilson. “It’s quite emotional for them — and for their loved ones. Most people don’t realize how in the dark and isolated they’d become. They don’t feel like going out because it’s just too much trouble or they may be experiencing memory loss, fatigue, and confusion as a result of not hearing the things they’re supposed to be hearing.”

What a joy it is for Cassandra and her team to offer them the gift of hearing again. “Nobody puts off seeing a doctor for seven to 10 years for other medical conditions,” she said. “But that’s exactly what many people do with hearing loss. We’re at a time when people who have been isolating at home are reentering the workplace. If you do and notice you’re having trouble keeping up, it might be a good time to have your hearing checked.”

After years of Cassandra working alongside Liz Brassine at Hearing Services of McKinney, Liz will be stepping aside, and Cassandra will be taking the reins. “Better hearing can improve your quality of life — at any age,” she said. “We have a highly trained staff and the latest in hearing technologies to help you get back to enjoying life to the fullest.” Find out more at HearInMcKinney.com.


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