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Photo by Millhouse Foundation

By Meredith Knight

It’s been a difficult year for everybody. For Liz Brassine, it began with a cancer diagnosis. As she weighed treatment options considering which would require less time away from her audiology practice, she was hit with another challenge—COVID-19. Suddenly, Liz was contending with the side effects of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy while innovating ways to keep her patients’ care consistent and her employees on staff. “Because of chemo, I couldn’t be around my patients from April through Labor Day,” Liz said. “But my amazing team stepped up. We began following the new PPE and sterilization protocol. Many of our patients are in the most vulnerable population, but they’re also at risk for becoming isolated, lonely, and depressed if their hearing loss isn’t addressed.”

Additionally, COVID-19 presents unexpected complications like an inability to read lips through a mask, patients trying to wear hearing aids, glasses, and masks at the same time, and the fact that masks block high-pitched sounds in speech, the very sounds many people struggle to hear.

For these reasons and more, Liz and her team are open and following all safety protocols, including more time between appointments to allow for thorough cleaning. “We also have clear masks which enable lip reading and hearing aids with smart technology, so patients can adjust them on their smart phone to compensate for the added challenges COVID-19 has created.” 

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4201 Medical Center Drive, Suite 270
McKinney, Texas 75069
(972) 838-1300

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