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Dr. Kathi Perry MAN SD Profile 16-3_WEBIf you long ago accepted daily pain as your lot in life; if you’ve resigned yourself to never really feeling healthy; if your kids and spouse judge the kind of day they’re going to have by how lousy you’re feeling, Dr. Kathi Perry of Health by Hands Wellness Center has good news for you. You were born to feel great. Chronic pain is not your destiny. Your body was designed to heal itself. It might just need help getting started.

For thousands of patients that help has come from Dr. Kathi and her “One Stop Body Shop”. Health by Hands Wellness Center offers “beyond chiropractic” focused on helping you achieve optimum health to live a happy, healthy, vital life. Dr. Kathi, as she’s affectionately known, offers a unique approach and qualifications that have patients traveling from as far away as Hawaii to seek her care. Dr. Perry’s patients feel younger, healthier, and happier; even those with autism, ADHD, and a variety of special needs often have dramatic improvements in their quality of life.  Care is holistic and integrative with Dr. Kathi considering your whole body and how everything is interrelated. For instance, how a pain in your lower back may be caused by a problem in your neck.

Sports Training/Conditioning

The BStrong4Life system offers the perfect solution for sports training and conditioning while also improving your balance, coordination, and stability regardless of your age and fitness level. Used only once a week, BStrong4Life can strengthen muscles, bones, and spine.  Dr. Kathi also employs BStrong4Life’s whole body vibration (WBV) program to help her patients build core strength which helps with fall prevention, and facilitates healthy weight loss through a combination of counseling, nutrition, and exercise. BStrong4Life has been proven in research studies to regenerate bone density, which may have deteriorated into various phases of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Visit  for an astounding BStrong4Life success story.

Allergies and NSRT

Dr. Kathi helps her patients find relief from seasonal allergies and many other sensitivities with her state-of-the-art ASA Balance system. North Central Texas is on the “Top 10” list for most polluted and toxic air quality in the U.S.—the saying is, “If you don’t have allergies when you get to Texas—just wait awhile and you will!”

One patient who travels all the way from Oklahoma to see Dr. Kathi had this to say, “Dr. Kathi is one of the most gifted doctors in our country today. What a blessing she is to so many; a true difference maker.” She also works with pregnant women to help alleviate pregnancy-related back pain and discomfort. 

Patients Agree

The mom of two teenagers said, “I’d searched for years for an integrative health professional to customize healthcare for each member of my family. If you’re looking for a quick fix to make you feel better temporarily, Dr. Kathi isn’t it. But if you want to invest in becoming better for life, she’s your girl. After years in her care, no one in my family of four takes any daily prescriptions. Dr. Kathi and her staff are a treasure.”

Dr. Kathi graduated from Parker University in 1995. Since that time, she has dedicated herself to providing “whole-body solutions” to her patients.

To witness more of the life-changing effects of Dr. Kathi Perry and Health by Hands Wellness Center, visit  or YouTube Channel – Health By Hands Wellness Center.

At Health by Hands Wellness Center Dr. Kathi Perry offers:

  • Wellness Consulting/Functional Medicine Evaluations
  • Chronic and Acute Pain Relief
  • LifeLine Technique
  • Sacro Occipital Technique/Cranial and TMD Therapy
  • Applied Kinesiology (AK)
  • Allergy / Sensitivity Elimination and Reprogramming Technique (ASA Balance)
  • Neurological Organizational Technique
  • Total Body Modification Technique
  • Speaker & Author/ Workshop Leader – available for your special events
  • And…much more!


Kathi Perry, DC, FIAMA

(“Mom Approved Doctor” by DFW Child-2014)

2510 Little Road

Arlington, TX

(817) 930-0600

Text: Meredith Knight

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