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Kelley Swing

Courage and tenacity. Two words that exemplify entrepreneur Kelley Swing. Making the most of the 30 years since she survived her fight with cancer, Kelley is a leader, a mentor, and owner of several businesses in Keller, Texas. The two common threads among all three of her businesses are sustainability and product safety. Head Case Hair Studio, Kelley’s wildly popular luxury organic salon, radiates dynamic energy and exudes creativity. Experienced stylists deliver precision cuts and styling to create beautiful, healthy heads of hair in every color imaginable. Exclusively offering an all-natural, non-toxic color line that your scalp and tresses will appreciate, Kelley is making huge strides in conservation and is mentoring others to do the same.

The Path to a Fulfilling Career

Working in marketing and management for many years, Kelley was skilled at her pharmaceutical job, but not stimulated. “The only thing I looked forward to was lunch,” she admits, but everything was about to change. A friend was opening a hair salon and wanted Kelley to manage it. A quick study, Kelley learned the ropes within a few short months. Not long after the salon opened however, the economy shifted and the salon was forced to drop Kelley to part-time. She quickly found work in a salon management position nearby. While employed there, she took advantage of all the in-house education classes her employer had to offer. In less than six months, she turned that salon around and within three years she was promoted to district manager over six salons in Phoenix, Arizona.

An Important Discovery

After just getting settled into desert life, her employer announced they had sold the company to their competition. Disheartened, Kelley decided to part ways. As a single mother of two, Kelley was focused on how she would support her children. “I decided to embark on a different journey,” she says. After finding work in a hospital’s radiology department, she quickly discovered something very unsettling— young women in their twenties were steadily coming in to have mammograms, which often led to ultrasounds and biopsies.

Kelley was shocked that mammograms were recommended for women over 40, not 20. Being that her daughter was 20 at the time, this newfound insight hit very close to home and is what initially sparked her exhaustive research into the subject. “I’m a knowledge junkie. I want to know everything,” she says. Through a mixture of scientific studies and researching chemicals, Kelley began putting together the pieces of the puzzling prevalence of breast cancer in young females as well as her own autoimmune problems. The common link? Toxic chemicals used in traditional, ammonia-based hair products. “I was blown away,” she says, referring to her research. “I found that particular toxins in ammonia-based hair color can cause cancer, autoimmune diseases, and numerous other health issues. I was literally killing myself using chemically-toxic hair color.”

The search was on for an innovative, non-toxic hair color that was gentle, safe, and most of all, performed to Kelley’s professional standards. After countless experiments using nearly every product on the market, Kelley discovered Natulique Certified Organic Beauty, the all-natural, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and ammonia-free color that she says outperforms all other products on the market. Natulique products leave your hair gorgeous and healthier looking without sacrificing the health of the stylist, the client, or the environment.

A New Way of Life

After suffering for years from a spectrum of health issues, Kelley stopped using the toxic hair color, began eating clean, and changed her products and habits to create a lifestyle focused on wellness. “I started using organic products and it changed everything. The improvement in my health was amazing and I felt great!” Kelley moved back to Texas and on July 29, 2016, Head Case Hair Studio was born, opening its doors to Keller and surrounding communities. Kelley’s daughter, Brandy Thorpe, manages the salon, working closely with her mother who considers her to be an invaluable ingredient to her success.

Sustainable Solutions for a Healthy Community

Kelley’s commitment to going green is fueled by her desire to safeguard her community and environment. She is proud to own a sustainable, eco-conscious business that recycles nearly everything. Every product in her salon is repurposed – from used foils to excess hair color, safely diverting harmful elements from landfills and waterways. Kelley has partnered with Green Circle Salon, a company that recovers and repurposes up to 95 percent of resources once considered waste, even hair clippings. All product packaging is from recyclable, organic farming materials and all of the products she uses in the salon are cruelty-free.

Making Strides to Save the Environment

“Did you know that over 1,300 items we use every day are outlawed in the United Kingdom due to carcinogens and health dangers?” Kelley asks. “We have a choice. Everything we do affects someone or something. My goal is to change the beauty industry and help other salons become green.” By educating others on products that are toxic to our health and environment, Kelley is expanding awareness and creating more sustainable, environmentally-friendly salons.

Visit Head Cases’ beautiful hair studio and give all-natural, non-toxic permanent hair color a try. Kelley and her stylists would love to show


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  • Organic Hair Products
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